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EC Enterprise: Meter search fails to find a meter
Posted by Barry Kroeker, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 28 May 2015 03:07 PM

Issue: The meter find/search does not find a meter that I know is there.

Solution: The meter find/search will fail if there is no deviceProperty record for the meter. The deviceProperty record appears on the 'Specific' tab in the Meter Properties window, and it includes, among other things, the serial number of the meter.

Under normal circumstances it's impossible for a meter to lack a deviceProperty record, but in some unusual cases, such as when meters were created automatically from multiple FASER datasets or possibly other automated processes, the deviceProperty records may be missing.

Ask your system administrator to run this script against the EnergyCAP database to create deviceProperty records for any meters that may not have one. As always, it is highy recommended to back up the EnergyCAP database prior to running any script!


DeviceProperty (propertyID, deviceID, value)
FP.propertyID, D.deviceID, ''
LogicalDevice LD
INNER JOIN DeviceLogicalDevice DLD ON LD.logicalDeviceID = DLD.logicalDeviceID
INNER JOIN Device D ON DLD.deviceID = D.deviceID
INNER JOIN DeviceType DT ON D.deviceTypeID = DT.deviceTypeID
INNER JOIN DefaultProperty FP ON DT.deviceTypeID = FP.deviceTypeID
LEFT OUTER JOIN DeviceProperty DP ON D.deviceID = DP.deviceID


by Administrator  last modified 06/25/2007  EnergyCAP Rel. 4.x and newer

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