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EnergyCAP Version 7.2 Released for ECI Hosted
Posted by Becky Brickell on 01 October 2018 08:17 AM

Here at EnergyCAP, we're coming off a big week. We just wrapped up our largest EnergyCAP Catalyst Conference ever (a sell-out), and we were able to show off some of the latest features and updates that we've been working on over the summer. EnergyCAP Version 7.2 is a significant update to EnergyCAP Version 7, and it includes two major new features: Accounting Export and redesigned EnergyCAP Chargebacks.


Here's a brief overview of what you'll see when you log into EnergyCAP:

  • Accounting Export Features — Whether you have been using the EnergyCAP Installed Client or EnergyCAP Version 3 to export bills to your GL and AP systems, you can now start exporting bills directly from Version 7. We've made significant enhancements to the "Not Approved", "Held from Export", "Waiting to Export to AP", and "Waiting to Export to GL" bill lists. Each of these lists now includes ALL of the available bill list filters — locating the bills you want to take action on is now easier than ever before. You can now select one, many, or all bills to export (you are no longer limited to exporting the entire list at one time). We've also included a new option to generate a sample bill export file (helpful to test reformatters and downstream processes). You can also use your custom bill export profiles from the EnergyCAP Installed Client within EnergyCAP Version 7's export process to ensure that your files are generated in the exact format required by your downstream reformatters and accounting processes.


  • New Bill Export History Features — It's now easier than ever before to see what has been exported from EnergyCAP. A new export log includes details about the date/time of each export and who exported the file — we even keep a copy of exported files to help with troubleshooting and downstream processes. Comments can now be added to any export to help explain the status of the export process. You can also easily reverse any export as well as see a full listing of all bills associated with a specific export. This is the most robust export process we've included in any version of EnergyCAP, and you can begin using this process today to streamline your accounting processes. NOTE: To use a custom bill export profile with EnergyCAP Version 7, please submit a support ticket, and our team will be happy to assist you with the one-time setup process.


  • EnergyCAP Version 7 Chargebacks — EnergyCAP's chargeback features have been redesigned in EnergyCAP Version 7 to make them easier to use and to provide functionality that has never previously been available. EnergyCAP Version 7 chargebacks include more than twice as many options for calculating and splitting bills! Based on customer feedback, we've developed new options that make tracking submeter data and generating tenant bills easier than ever before. Since this is a redesign of the chargeback process, we will provide additional training/webinar opportunities to learn about these powerful chargeback features — we'll provide more details regarding these opportunities soon. If you attended Catalyst, feel free to dive in and start working with the fully-functional chargeback features available in this release. NOTE: Version 7 chargebacks are set up and run separately from chargebacks configured with the EnergyCAP Installed Client and Version 3.


  • Chargeback Workflows — In addition to all of the new chargeback options, we've also implemented a new feature called chargeback workflows. These workflows organize your monthly chargeback processing and help identify missing data and outliers within the process. We believe chargeback workflows will dramatically simplify your process, reduce the amount of external documentation required, and help you deal with data issues quickly. Workflow steps are also fully reversible — helping you deal with bad meter readings and missing data quickly and easily. If you missed the Catalyst chargeback training, be on the lookout for upcoming EnergyCAP Version 7 chargeback and workflow training opportunities.


  • Chargeback Setup Spreadsheets — We've added new Setup Spreadsheets to simplify the management of Version 7 chargebacks.


  • Global Dashboard Filter — We've added a powerful new feature to EnergyCAP dashboards. With a new global filter, you can configure a dashboard that has just the content you want and then apply a single filter to update all of you dashboard content — build once, and reuse with many buildings and building groups.


  • Create and Edit Building and Meter Groups — Building and meter groups can now be created and maintained in EnergyCAP Version 7. Any created/modified groups will also be active in all other versions of EnergyCAP. You also now have the option to convert a manual group into an automatic group and vice versa.


  • Setup Spreadsheets Available for Building and Meter Groups — We've added new Setup Spreadsheets for managing buildings and meters assigned to groups.



We've only scratched the surface of the functionality included with the updates listed above. Check out Version 7 help for additional details and instructions.


Here are a few more updates that are included in EnergyCAP Version 7.2:

  • New icons to represent the various available chargeback configurations available in EnergyCAP Version 7
  • EnergyCAP Professional and Express users can no longer be created In EnergyCAP Version 7 — they must be invited via EnergyCAP Version 3 instead. Once an account has been created, it can be managed in EnergyCAP Version 7.
  • Dashboard content now includes more filter options than ever before
  • New dashboard content types are available (ENERGY STAR and Bill Status)
  • A dedicated active/inactive option has been added to meters (was formerly dependent on the account/meter relationship)
  • Improved the management of Custom Fields ("list" data types can now be added and managed in Version 7)
  • Improved the management of General Ledger fields
  • The Channel Data tab on meters with configured channels has been renamed Interval Data and has been moved to the top row of tabs to increase visibility
  • Interval data values are now displayed below the interval data chart
  • Various performance improvements

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Changes Coming to ENERGY STAR Submission Requirements
Posted by Becky Brickell on 22 August 2018 11:46 AM

ENERGY STAR has made some adjustments to the Use Details and required information for submissions for building ratings. These changes are expected to cause some ratings to be lower. 

For a detailed list of changes, please visit the ENERGY STAR Building FAQs

We will be making the necessary adjustments (if any are needed) to EnergyCAP Version 3 so that you can continue to submit through EnergyCAP. 

Thank you,
Your EnergyCAP Staff

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EnergyCAP Version 7.1.4 Released (Only available for ECI Hosted)
Posted by Becky Brickell on 24 July 2018 08:46 AM

We're excited to tell you about some of the latest EnergyCAP Version 7 features that are now available as part of Version 7.1.4:

  • EnergyCAP Version 7 Help is now available — including context sensitive help. We took a fresh approach to help documentation and have developed a completely new help system for EnergyCAP Version 7. All of the content has been updated to ensure that only the most accurate and helpful information is available. We've also made finding help content easier by providing links to relevant help topics on each page of the application. If you have a question, check the help menu for a list of frequently asked questions/topics.

  • Redesigned Format for Viewing Bills. We've updated the format for viewing your utility bills to make them easier to view and understand in EnergyCAP Version 7. Based on feedback from users, we've rearranged the layout to make the most important information more visible. The look-and-feel is now more consistent with entering a new bill. Bill notes and the timeline of each bill are now easier than ever to find. Bill status indicators, the ability to quickly move forward/back through your bills, and meter subtotals are just some of the helpful features we've included to make your bills more accessible.

  • Manage Bill Import File Formats in Version 7. Easily setup and manage the formats for each of your bill import files from the Bills module menu. All of the file formats you've created in EnergyCAP Version 3 can be managed (and deleted!). You can also setup new file formats. NOTE: Once a bill import file format has be created/updated in Version 7, it may not work properly when attempting to import bills in Version 3. Please use Version 7 to import bills with any file formats created/updated in Version 7.

  • The Interval Data Module Makes Its Debut. We know that importing interval data and meter readings into EnergyCAP is a common task for many of our users, and we've made the process for managing your data easier to use and easier to find with a dedicated Interval Data Module. New options are available for configuring/managing specific file formats for importing interval data (all data types can now be imported). You can also upload interval data from anywhere in the application using the Create Menu. A list of historic imports made in Version 3 and Version 7 are available in the Interval Data Module — you can also add comments to any specific import to provide context and other information to your team.


In addition to these changes, the team has been working behind-the-scenes on EnergyCAP Version 7's redesigned chargebacks features. We're going to have a lot of new features to show at our Catalyst Conference in two months! It's not too late to register — we hope to see you there!

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EnergyCAP Version 7.1.2 Now Available! (ECI Hosted Only)
Posted by Becky Brickell on 15 June 2018 10:27 AM

It's just three months until EnergyCAP's Catalyst Conference, and we're looking forward to seeing many of you and showing off the latest features of EnergyCAP Version 7. As we march toward Catalyst, the team has been hard at work building new features for EnergyCAP v7 while also improving the look and feel of existing features.


To that end, our latest release (Version 7.1.2) includes a number of improvements to make using EnergyCAP easier, smarter, and friendlier. Here's an overview of the new features and updates that our Enterprise, Express, and Professional customers can begin using now:

  • Trend Charts Available While Entering Bills. We've added newly redesigned trend charts when entering or editing a bill. These new charts update dramatically faster than the ones available in v3. We've also redesigned the charts, so you can view charts for each of the meters on your bill simultaneously.

  • Easily Create, Move, and Delete Accounts, Cost Centers, Buildings, and Meters. In both the Buildings & Meters and Accounts modules, you'll find new options for managing your hierarchies in the menu. You can now move and delete multiple items at the same time! This has been a long-requested feature, and we believe that it will save you a lot of time whether cleaning up your hierarchies or setting them up for the first time. Let us know what you think about this new feature.

  • Quickly View All Bills in a Batch. We've provided quick links to see all of the bills created as part of any batch. Click on a batch name from the list of batches to open a bill list that is pre-filtered for the bills in the batch.
  • Quickly View All Bills Created During an Import. We've provided quick links to see all of the bills created when importing bills. Click on the number of bills successfully imported next to each Bill Import record to open a bill list that is pre-filtered for the bills in the given import.
  • Update Channels Setup Spreadsheet. You can now update all of your interval data channels in bulk using the new Update Channels Setup Spreadsheet. Change channel types (odometer/trip), multipliers, and other settings in one easy place.
  • Lots of Great Chargebacks Work. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the changes that the team has been working on in the background. We're actively designing and building the next generation of EnergyCAP chargeback features, and we can't wait to show them to you at Catalyst in September.


We hope that you're finding EnergyCAP v7 easier, smarter, and friendlier to use. If you have suggestions or comments, let us know in our user forum.

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ECI Hosted Clients - Connecting to Remote Desktop
Posted by Becky Brickell on 12 June 2018 11:11 AM

** This update/information only pertains to ECI Hosted Clients attempting to access ECI Remote Desktop. **

Last weekend (June 9 -10) we performed maintenance on our remote desktop servers to enhance its safety and security. With this maintenance upgrade, adjustments might need to be made to your connection settings. In case you missed or did not receive the Customer Service Message regarding this maintenance (sent May 31st), it is included below, along with a link to instructions to change (or setup) your connection settings.  

"We will be taking our Remote Desktop (RD) service ( offline next weekend to perform maintenance that will enhance its safety and security.

The maintenance will begin June 9 at 8:00 AM ET and end by 8:00 PM on June 10. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Please note that following completion of the maintenance upgrade, using will require a connection via our RD Gateway server. RD Gateway uses the RD protocol of connecting over HTTPS to create a secure encrypted connection. To set up RD Gateway, follow these instructions."

Please note, if you have a shortcut on your desktop to the ECI Remote Desktop, the shortcut will not connect. You will need to delete and recreate the shortcut once the connection settings have been updated.

If you have setup or updated your remote desktop connection settings and are still having difficulties connecting, please enter a Technical Support ticket

Thank you,
EnergyCAP Technical Support Team

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EnergyCAP Version 7.1.0 Coming May 23rd
Posted by Joel Brickell on 17 May 2018 08:32 AM

Our Development team has been working on some significant updates to EnergyCAP Version 7, and we wanted to let you know what's coming soon. We plan to release EnergyCAP Version 7.1.0 to our Enterprise, Express, and Professional customers on May 23.


This release includes some significant improvements to EnergyCAP's Setup Spreadsheets. In case you haven't used Setup Spreadsheets before, they provide a quick and easy way to setup your EnergyCAP data and perform updates to some of the most commonly used items in your database (Buildings, Meters, Accounts, Vendors, etc.). After the 7.1.0 update, you must download and work with newly formatted Setup Spreadsheets -- previously downloaded Setup Spreadsheets will not process properly going forward.


Here are some of the most significant updates included in EnergyCAP Version 7.1.0:

  • Improved Setup Spreadsheets. We've updated Setup Spreadsheets to:
    • Align terminology between Setup Spreadsheets and the application
    • Improve error checking and data integrity
    • Improve field descriptions and instructions
    • Remove redundant data and information
  • Shared Bill Lists. We've added a new feature to create Bill Lists that can be shared with other users within your organization. This has been a highly requested feature, and we look forward to seeing how our customers use Shared Bill Lists to simplify their workflow processes. (We've also included new permissions in EnergyCAP Version 7 for viewing and editing Shared Bill Lists.)
  • Monthly Channel Data Charting. We've updated the Channel Data charts on Meters to include monthly data. You can now select and chart any Channel Data being tracked on a given Meter.
  • Manage Bill Entry Headers. A new option to manage "Bill Entry and Export" settings is available from the Bills Module Menu. You can select the specific fields that are available and required when manually entering or editing a bill. We've also included some new Bill Export options that will be used with future functionality.


There are lots of other smaller updates included in EnergyCAP Version 7.1.0. Full details about the update are included below.


New Features/Improvements

  • Setup Spreadsheet enhancements [ECAP-5046, 5336, 5422, 5696, 5800, 5955, 5956]
  • Setup Spreadsheets auto-generate GL Records for Meters associated with Accounts properly [ECAP-5954]
  • Shared Bill Lists [ECAP-5775]
  • Improved UI features/styles [ECAP-5629, 5768, 5840, 5843, 5950]
  • Bill List improvements [ECAP-5420]
  • Interval Charts include monthly data [ECAP-5777]
  • Bill Audit APIs [5649, 5760, 5761,5762, 5807, 5809, 5810, 5811, 5812, 5832, 5834, 5895, 5896, 5897, 5898, 5899, 5900, 5902, 5905, 5906, 5909, 5910, 5911, 5952]
  • Improved handling of User-Defined Auto Groups and their members [ECAP-5794]
  • New APIs for moving objects in bulk [ECAP-5817, 5818, 5819, 5820]
  • Approval System enabled by default in all EnergyCAP Version 7 databases [ECAP-5824]
  • Manage/Display Bill Entry settings [ECAP-5855]
  • Manage/Display Bill Export settings [ECAP-5856]
  • API performance improvements [ECAP-5829, 5842, 5861]
  • Improved error handling [ECAP-4653]

Bug Fixes

  • EnergyCAP Bill PDF Report (Report-09) can handle 100+ bills properly [ECAP-5707]
  • Empty rows in Bill Import Files are now skipped [ECAP-5883]


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** New Login Experience - **
Posted by Becky Brickell on 01 May 2018 04:14 PM


visual guide to my.EnergyCAP.comStarting today (May 1, 2018), users will access EnergyCAP using the new login page, If you go to,, or, you will be automatically redirected to

The new login experience provides access to each of the EnergyCAP products (Enterprise, Express, Pro, etc.) and Version 3 and Version 7 for each. No need to remember different login pages. Simply bookmark to access all the online features of EnergyCAP.

Get started by going to using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge*. Select “change” to reveal the Product Pulldown and select the product to use. Next, choose between Version 3 and Version 7. Then enter your credentials and log in. Checking the “Remember Me” box will save all of your selections except for your password, making future logins to EnergyCAP easier.

**Microsoft has discontinued development for IE11, and it has been replaced with Edge. As a result, EnergyCAP Version 7 is not supported in IE11.

Thank you,
EnergyCAP Staff

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EnergyCAP Quick Tip - How Can I Filter a Meter List Using Auto-Groups?
Posted by Joel Brickell on 01 May 2018 08:30 AM

We have been learning in recent Quick Tips about how to set up Auto-Groups and use them as filters for reports, Bill Lists, and Setup Sheets.

But did you know that you can use some of those same Auto-Groups (in fact, any defined Meter Group) to modify your view of a Meter list?

First things first. Most EnergyCAP users are used to seeing a representation of their building portfolio when they click Buildings and Meters. But did you know that you can actually "filter" the Buildings & Meters hierarchy (Tree View) to view only a list of the METERS  that are members of a Meter Group that you select?


You can click here to read the HELP topic on how to do this.

Changing from a Place view to a Meter view of your portfolio wouldn't be too helpful unless you had options for filtering that meter list to see a specific group of meters, such as:

  • all meters of a given commodity
  • all meters on the same rate
  • just the meters associated with your internal customers
  • your "top 10" most costly meters

EnergyCAP's powerful Groups functionality gives you the power to do precisely that! The first three examples above are already Meter Auto-Groups that are set up and maintained automatically by EnergyCAP. You can easily set up your own "top ten" Meter Group manually, and then use it for filtering your meter hierarchy. Try out this functionality yourself. It's a whole new way to look at your energy data!

From the Buildings & Meters module, click the gear icon to access a popup window with your hierarchy display Options:

gear-icon-bnm.png   b-m-display-options.png

Take your energy analysis to the next level by using the power of groups, Auto-Groups, and exploring the meter list views in EnergyCAP.

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EnergyCAP Version 7 Production Release Available (Self-Hosted Clients)
Posted by Becky Brickell on 27 April 2018 08:06 AM

We are pleased to announce that EnergyCAP Version 7 is now available for self-hosted installation. This is the first "production-ready" release of EnergyCAP Version 7 that can be installed locally.

EnergyCAP Version 7 brings many new features and enhancements that make using EnergyCAP easiersmarter, and friendlier like new customizable dashboards, maps of your facilities, redesigned benchmark comparisons, enhanced reporting capabilities, and more.

In addition to making our software easier to use, we've also been working to make the installation process for EnergyCAP Version 7 straightforward for your IT staff. We have created a single release package (zip file) that contains the required database upgrade scripts, the latest files to upgrade EnergyCAP Version 3, the latest Reports, and the installation files for EnergyCAP Version 7. We've also simplified the EnergyCAP Version 7 installation process by providing:

·        streamlined installation guide for installing/configuring EnergyCAP Version 7

·        health check tool that can be run on your web server to verify that EnergyCAP has been installed/configured properly and that the required network connections are available

·        troubleshooting guide to help resolve common installation issues

·        new report update process that does not require ongoing IT assistance

Self-hosted customers may request a copy of the latest EnergyCAP Version 7 installation package by submitting a Support Ticket ( The current self-hosted EnergyCAP version is 7.0.5 which includes all of the updates included in the, and 7.0.5 releases.

We're looking forward to seeing all of our customers enjoy the new features of EnergyCAP Version 7. Please use our EnergyCAP forum to post your own feature suggestions and vote on suggestions from others.

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Customer Service Message - Report Distribution Email Change
Posted by Becky Brickell on 20 February 2018 04:20 PM

If your organization currently distributes or receives reports from EnergyCAP by way of our Report Distribution feature, the following change will affect your report emails. 

We have received multiple support requests from our users regarding a failure to receive reports sent from EnergyCAP via scheduled distribution. This is due to the IP address that we have used being blacklisted by their internal email servers.

To remedy this, we have changed the email address from which EnergyCAP reports are distributed. The new email address is reports@EnergyCAP.comThis means that, for the time being, all EnergyCAP reports that are emailed to you via report distribution will now come from We are working on a better long-term solution, but this is the temporary email address. Please make sure you add the new email address to your email server’s safe list to ensure deliverability.

Thank you,
EnergyCAP Marketing Team

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