EC Express: Entering A Utility Bill
Posted by Matthew Heinz on 06 June 2012 02:48 PM

Entering A Utility Bill

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Utility bill data is the core of EnergyCAP.  Using the Enter Bills on the Main Menu, it's easy to quickly enter many bills in a single session. 

Adding Bills

Go to Bill Processing, then Enter Bills.

  1. Click the "+ Enter Bills" button.  The bill entry window will open.
  2. In the "Account" field, begin entering any of the following values to search for your account: Account Number, Account Code, Street Address, or Meter Serial Number.
  3. Select the account from the list that appears or press the "Enter" key if there is only one account in the list.  You may also use the down arrow to select the account you want.

  4. Continue pressing tab or enter to move through each bill entry field as you enter the necessary data.  Be aware that not all data may be required for your tracking purposes.  Use the 20-point key in the Bill Processing Overview Help topic as a guide.
  5. When all of the necessary data is entered, click Save Bill to finish the bill entry process.
  6. The bill entry screen will remain open and ready to search for a new account, or reuse the previous one and enter a new bill.  Click Cancel to close.

Tips For Faster Bill Entry

  1. Use the keyboard keypad if you have one:  Pressing the Tab or Enter key will advance the cursor to the next field.
  2. Don't enter commas in numeric fields:  EnergyCAP will automatically format numbers correctly.
  3. Enter shorthand dates: It is not necessary to enter the complete date.  If using the keypad, separate days, months, and years with slashes (/), periods (.), or hyphens (-).  If the bill is for the current year, leave it off and EnergyCAP will auto-complete to the current year.  Examples:
    1. 4.12 = 04/12/2010
    2. 4-12-09 = 04/12/2009
    3. 0412 = 04/12/2010
  4. Use the Quick Audits and Verify button: EnergyCAP provides these tools to help verify that what you've entered makes sense compared to historical bills.

Bill "Batches"

Each new bill is assigned an internal bill entry "batch" code.  In general, a bill entry "batch" comprises all bills added by a user in a single day. EnergyCAP maintains batch control totals for the number of bills entered and total cost for bills in the batch.   This provides a convenient way to ensure that no bills were skipped.

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