EC Express: Importing Utility Bills from an Excel File
Posted by Matthew Heinz on 04 June 2012 11:54 AM

Bills are imported using the Bill Import Wizard. In EnergyCAP Express, historical bills for a single account/meter can be easily imported from a properly-formatted Excel file. Bills are imported as a unique batch. The batch will have a unique identifier comprised of today’s date, the user ID, and the import number.

NOTE: A single bill import cannot currently be performed for a meter associated with more than one account (deregulated scenario). A separate import must be performed for each account. 

Using the Bill Import Wizard

The Bill Import Wizard can be launched from Buildings & Meters OR from Accounts.

  1. If launching from Buildings & Meters, navigate to the building and meter where the data will be added. Make sure that the meter is highlighted in the left panel navigation tree. Then click the Bills tab. After the bill list has been displayed, click the Import Bills button. If launching from Accounts, navigate to the desired account and click to select it. Then click the Billstab. When the bill list appears, click the Import Bills button. The Bill Import Wizard will open.

  2. Read the import information provided by the Wizard General window. When done, click Continue.

  3. From the File Selection window, verify that the displayed Account Code is correct. Then click the Browse button and use the Select file to upload ... window to browse to the location of the import file.
    NOTE: For help with import file specifications, see the Preparing a Bill Import File topic.

  4. Click to select the import file. Then click Open. The selected filename will be displayed in the field provided.

  5. Click Continue. In the next step, the data in the Excel file must be matched with the corresponding import fields in EnergyCAP using column mapping.

  6. For column mapping, click the down arrow icon and select the import file heading that matches each of the displayed template bill entry fields. If fields are to be ignored, select “Do Not Import.” When all fields have been matched, click Continue. A sample bill using the import data from the specified file will be displayed in the Import Wizard window. The Sample Datatabs displays the first three rows of data as sample bills. You can click the bill tabs to view 'sample' bills built from the import dataset and verify that the data is being imported into the correct fields in the database.

  7. Check that the data is mapping correctly by comparing the display to the Excel file. View the bill to ensure that the data is matched correctly. Then click Import. The billing data for the account/meter will be imported into EnergyCAP Express.

In the event of an import failure, EnergyCAP will display an error message including a list of the spreadsheet cells containing invalid import data. Note/ the affected cells and update the spreadsheet file. Then click Cancel and try the import process again. After a successful import, click Finish to close the Bill Import Wizard.

Deleting a Faulty Import Bill Batch

If a problem with the bill import is discovered after the billing data has been successfully imported, simply go to Bill Processing and click Bills by Bill entry Batch in the Bill Lists. The list of Bill Batches will be displayed. Click to select the problem batch; then click Delete. The bill batch will be deleted from the system.

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