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EC Enterprise: Meter Cost and/or Use Is Missing from Some Reports/Charts
Posted by Barry Kroeker, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 10 July 2015 12:45 PM

Problem: I entered a bill. There is use and cost on the bill. But when I look at it on some reports or with PowerViews charts the data is missing.

Solution: EnergyCAP stores bill data in several database tables. Each bill is stored in the Bill and Bodyline tables. After each bill is saved (when entered for the first time or edited), meter summary data is stored in a reporting table called BAM (BillAccountMeter). Under some circumstances the BAM table may not be up-to-date, resulting in 'missing' data in reports/PowerViews.

The first step is to see if a BAM record exists or not. Go to Accounting - Accounts. In the Account Manager, find the bill in question. View it. Click on the Meter History tab from the View Bill window. Does a row exist for the bill in question?

YES: A row exists. That means that the BAM record exists. Is the cost correct but the use missing? If so, you probably have a problem in your template design. Two possible conditions are: (1) the template has two rows that both have USE observation types but one of them has cost-only, no units of measure. This will cause USE to be set to zero. You must fix the template (if you want a cost-only line, use Type=Charge instead of Type=Use) and then set the affected bills to Dirty flag=true then run the CleanBill stored procedure. (2) The template rows are okay but you have a conversion factor missing or set to zero. Use Tools-Unit System to diagnose the appropriate equivalency record.

NO: No row exists. The stored procedure called CleanBill that creates the BAM reporting record did not execute for some reason. You can run it via Administrator or via Reporting-Reports-Report-Repair Reporting Table.

by Administrator  last modified 06/25/2007 EnergyCAP Enterprise Rel. 5.0

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