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Q1. Does the Calculated Accounts Processor perform unit conversions between the Channel Readings and the units on the bill?
A1. No. The Calculated Accounts Processor creates a bill based on the unit of measure selected when the Calculated Account was created (stored in virtualDataSource.unitID). The Calculated Accounts processor does not convert between this unit of measure and the unit of measure for the Template assigned to the Account/Meter, if they are different. The Calculated Account bill is subject to the EnergyCAP Unit System, as are all other bills. Therefore, if the meter reads water in units of Gallons, the Calculated Account bill will be in units of Gallons. If the common roll-up unit for Water is KGal, the consumption for the Calculated Account bills will be reported in units of KGal for EnergyCAP Reports and PowerViews.

Q2. Is there a script to control the behavior of Calculated Accounts, like there is for EnergyCAP Rates?
A2. No. The logic behind the Calculated Accounts Processor is embedded in the EnergyCAP program code.

Q3. The usage units on Calculated Accounts appear to be wrong. For example, the Calculated Account Properties window shows water use in units of CCF, on the Meter/Channel Tab, but water use in gallons was the selected usage unit when the Calculated Account was created.
A3. This appears to be an EnergyCAP display issue. When opening the Calculated Account Properties Window and selecting the Meter/Channel Tab, the first Usage Units record is highlighted, not the Usage Units record that was selected during the creation of the Calculated Account. A bug fix request will be submitted to the EnergyCAP Development Team to correct this issue.

Q4. Why am I getting a "Cannot locate meter details in device channel" error message when I open the Calculated Accounts Properties for some Calculated Accounts and not others?
A4. The most common issue that leads to this error message is that begin date values within separate EnergyCAP Tables do not match. In this case, the virtualAccount.beginDate value does not match the deviceLogicalDevice.beginDate value. Subsequently, the Calculated Account Properties window is unable to display the Channel information (number of digits, max reading, etc.) on the Meter/Channel Tab. Here is a SQL Script to update the virtualAccount.beginDate value. After making a backup of the EnergyCAP database, execute this script using either SQL Query Analyzer or SQL Server Management Studio.

-- update the virtualAccount.beginDate to be = deviceLogicalDevice.beginDate
update virtualAccount
SET virtualAccount.beginDate = (select beginDate from deviceLogicalDevice
INNER JOIN LogicalDevice ON deviceLogicalDevice.LogicalDeviceid = LogicalDevice.LogicalDeviceID
INNER JOIN Meter ON LogicalDevice.LogicalDeviceID = Meter.LogicalDeviceID
WHERE Meter.meterID = virtualAccount.meterid)


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