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EC Enterprise: Virtual Bill Processor Overwrites Existing Bills
Posted by Ryan Ohlson, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 10 July 2015 01:34 PM

Problem: When I run the Virtual Bill Processor, it overwrites bills that were already created for the Virtual Account.  This occurs whether I run it in Automatic mode or for a specific date range.

Solution:  In EnergyCAP version 6.1, the Virtual Bill Processor was updated to allow overwriting existing bills IF the existing bills have a status of Unapproved.  Approved bills are not overwritten, but instead generate a message in the Virtual Bill Processor Problem Folder in Workflow Manager indicating a bill for the specified Bill Period already exists.  So in order to avoid having your bills overwritten, simply approve the bills that were created the last time the Virtual Bill Processor was run.

Written by Ryan Ohlson on 6/7/2010
Last Update:  07/15/2010 by John Pierce

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