New On-premises Release Available: EnergyCAP Version 7.12
Posted by Becky Gruber on 12 April 2021 08:17 AM

A new on-premises version of EnergyCAP Version 7 is now available. Please open a support ticket using the button below to receive the installation package for EnergyCAP Version 7.12

This semi-annual update includes a variety of new features and updates including:

  • Email report subscriptions. Configure reports to be sent to your email address every day, week, month, or quarter
  • Reports improvements. Enhanced options for finding and running reports
  • Last account and serial number. Save prior account and serial numbers to more easily find your data
  • Improved search. Expanded search results, more details provided, and previously searched-for items are remembered
  • Bulk bill header editing. Update bill header details for multiple bills at the same time (e.g., billing period, accounting period, control code)
  • Enhanced interval data channels. Save changes to your interval data settings over time and track custom fields on each channel
  • Improved meter swap-out process. A new step-by-step process is available to manage submeter swap-outs and accurately calculate chargeback bills before and after the change
  • Bill reversals. Easily generate equal but opposite bills to cancel original bills
  • Generate accrual bills. EnergyCAP’s accruals engine generates intelligent bill accruals based on historic performance and weather data
  • Expanded capabilities for international clients. Additional address, country, and location options are now available
  • New and updated setup spreadsheets. Continued improvements to bulk data creation/editing

A full list of updates is available with EnergyCAP’s Release Notes.

Technical release details:

  • Upgrading to Version 7.12 requires your database to be upgraded to database version 108 (upgrade scripts available in the installation package).
  • EnergyCAP Version 3 is no longer supported. The Version 7.12 upgrade process will ensure that all required application upgrades from Version 3 are applied to your database
  • This is the last on-premises release of EnergyCAP that supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016. Future releases will require SQL Server 2019 or higher. 

Please submit a ticket to EnergyCAP Support to request the latest installation package for EnergyCAP Version 7.