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EnergyCAP Quick Tip - Why Would I Change an Account's Status?
Posted by Joel Brickell on 02 March 2017 11:20 AM

When you create an Account, it is in the active state. So why would you make an Account inactive?

The most common reason is because your organization has disposed of a building. You want to preserve an account's billing history "just in case," but you don't want to report on the energy data, and you certainly don't want to add any new bills to that account.

Making an account inactive prevents bill entry, and (by default) also filters existing bills for the inactive account out of most reports and PowerViews in EnergyCAP. Since it is generally desirable to maintain a historical bill record, making the account inactive is a better practice than simply deleting an old account and thereby losing its history for trend reporting and other long-term energy analyses.

NOTE: Be cautious about making an account inactive. There are some situations where it may be desirable to prevent bill entry (a change in vendor, for instance), but because an inactive account is removed from the reporting history, inappropriate use of this feature can skew reporting.

treeviewx.pngNew bills cannot be added to inactive accounts, but historical bills for an inactive account can still be edited. Meters associated with an inactive account will become inactive when the associated Account status is changed to inactive.

EnergyCAP can be configured to display (or not display) inactive accounts and meters in their respective Tree Views. When inactive accounts or meters appear, their icon will be marked with a red "X".

You can filter inactive account data out of reports by including the Bill Account is Active filter, and setting it to Yes. This is the default setting for all reports. To show report data for both active and inactive accounts, select the Bill Account is Active filter and click Clear to remove it. To show ONLY inactive accounts, set the Bill Account is Active filter to No.


A Note About Meters

In addition to changing a meter's active/inactive status, you can also remove a meter's association with an account by clicking the Remove Association icon from the Meter Properties window. EnergyCAP offers you the choice of supplying an end date for the association or deleting the meter entirely.


Which should you choose? If the meter association was the result of a setup error, it is advisable to delete the meter association. Make sure, however, to also delete any associated bills, since the historical billing data will not be deleted along with the association.

If you choose to provide an "end date" for the meter association, you can retain and edit the historical meter data for the period of time that the association was present.

Stay tuned for next week’s Quick Tips to learn HOW to change the account/meter status to inactive.

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