** Important for EnergyCAP hosted and Self-hosted clients **

A new version of the EnergyCAP Installed Client (Version 6.x) is available. The EnergyCAP Installed Client is a Windows-based application for managing data in your EnergyCAP database. This update is required to continue use of the Installed Client properly with EnergyCAP licenses that expire in May 2021 and beyond.

The latest version of the EnergyCAP Installed Client is available to download by request and is packaged as a Windows Installation Package (MSI) that can be easily deployed to Windows computers within your organization.

Before you update, it is important to backup any custom bill import profiles, interval data import profiles, and bill export profiles you may be using. These custom profiles (.ini) can be found on your computer in a location like: C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\EnergyCAP Enterprise

NOTE: If you are running automation scripts on servers that utilize the EnergyCAP Installed Client libraries to import billing data, import interval data, or export bills for accounting, those servers will also need this latest update.

Please submit a ticket to EnergyCAP Support to request the new version of EnergyCAP Installed Client.