EnergyCAP Version 7.2.5 Released for ECI Hosted Clients
Posted by Becky Brickell on 10 December 2018 10:30 AM

EnergyCAP Version 7.2.5 is now available to all EnergyCAP-hosted Enterprise, Express, and Professional customers. This release includes new features and tools for using EnergyCAP Version 7 chargebacks. We've made using chargebacks even easier with new chargeback properties screens on meters and accounts, advanced options for generating chargeback bills, and new conversion spreadsheets for migrating chargebacks from Version 3 to Version 7.

  • New bill calculation and bill split properties screens — Meters configured for bill calculations and accounts configured for bill splits now include new views within their properties to quickly review chargeback setup information.

  • Advanced options available when generating chargeback bills — A new setting is available within the chargebacks module to prompt for advanced chargeback options whenever the EnergyCAP chargeback engine is run. Using this feature, chargeback bills can be created based on user-provided batch names, accounting periods, control codes, and more.

  • New conversion spreadsheets for converting Version 3 chargebacks to Version 7 — Two new conversion spreadsheets are available from the setup spreadsheet menu. These spreadsheets retrieve details for bill splits and submeters configured in EnergyCAP Version 3 and format the information in setup spreadsheets that can be easily uploaded into Version 7. These spreadsheets provide a streamlined method for migrating chargeback information from EnergyCAP Version 3 to Version 7. Additional details regarding the conversion spreadsheets are available in the EnergyCAP Help Center.

  • Software Development Kit (SDK) now available for EnergyCAP APIs — EnergyCAP provides a website ( to assist developers interested in using EnergyCAP's API (application program interface). SDKs have been published on this site make using EnergyCAP's API even easier with the C#, Python, and Angular/TypeScript programming languages.


Additional updates included in this release:

  • Chargeback setup and engine improvements (ECAP-6819, 6817, 6821, 6822)

  • New bill calculation and bill split properties pages (ECAP-6796, 6588, 6589, 6820, 6823, 6824)

  • New chargeback conversion spreadsheets (ECAP-6446, 6803, 6818)

  • Advanced options when running chargebacks (ECAP-6730, 6761, 6772, 6776, 6784)

  • Improvements to chargeback setup spreadsheets (ECAP-6670)

  • Initial release of EnergyCAP Software Development Kit (SDK) to support EnergyCAP APIs (ECAP-6656)

  • Improved handling of apostrophes in search fields and drop-downs (ECAP-6612, 5882, 6333)

  • Improved handling of channels automatically created in EnergyCAP Version 3 and the EnergyCAP Installed Client (ECAP-6626)

  • Improved error handling when deleting objects (ECAP-6590, 6745)

  • Improved handling of non-string setup spreadsheet filters (ECAP-6780)

  • Improved keyboard navigation (ECAP-6593)

  • Target comparison settings properly honored in Powerview charts (ECAP-6697)

  • Fixed ENERGY STAR dashboard content when building does not contain address information (ECAP-6710)

  • Added filtering to the Update GL Records setup spreadsheet (ECAP-6712)

  • Improved handling of bills when line items do not follow the order of the meters on the bill (ECAP-6699)

  • Improved Crystal Reports handling (ECAP-6709, 6726)

  • Added timeouts to SSRS and Crystal Reports executions (ECAP-6715)

  • Updated default unit conversion values for certain unit types (ECAP-6750)

  • Minimum SQL version updated to SQL 2016 (ECAP-6720)

  • Updates to support latest on-premises installation of EnergyCAP Version 7 (ECAP-6787)

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