** New Login Experience - **
Posted by Becky Brickell on 01 May 2018 04:14 PM


visual guide to my.EnergyCAP.comStarting today (May 1, 2018), users will access EnergyCAP using the new login page, If you go to,, or, you will be automatically redirected to

The new login experience provides access to each of the EnergyCAP products (Enterprise, Express, Pro, etc.) and Version 3 and Version 7 for each. No need to remember different login pages. Simply bookmark to access all the online features of EnergyCAP.

Get started by going to using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge*. Select “change” to reveal the Product Pulldown and select the product to use. Next, choose between Version 3 and Version 7. Then enter your credentials and log in. Checking the “Remember Me” box will save all of your selections except for your password, making future logins to EnergyCAP easier.

**Microsoft has discontinued development for IE11, and it has been replaced with Edge. As a result, EnergyCAP Version 7 is not supported in IE11.

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EnergyCAP Staff