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Customer Service Message - Report Distribution Email Change
Posted by Becky Brickell on 20 February 2018 04:20 PM

If your organization currently distributes or receives reports from EnergyCAP by way of our Report Distribution feature, the following change will affect your report emails. 

We have received multiple support requests from our users regarding a failure to receive reports sent from EnergyCAP via scheduled distribution. This is due to the IP address that we have used being blacklisted by their internal email servers.

To remedy this, we have changed the email address from which EnergyCAP reports are distributed. The new email address is reports@EnergyCAP.comThis means that, for the time being, all EnergyCAP reports that are emailed to you via report distribution will now come from We are working on a better long-term solution, but this is the temporary email address. Please make sure you add the new email address to your email server’s safe list to ensure deliverability.

Thank you,
EnergyCAP Marketing Team

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