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ADVANCING THE BASELINE YEAR Cost avoidance reports and charts show the avoided cost and use for the "performance" period vs. the "wasteful" baseline year. The performance period is the months and years following the implementation of energy (and perhaps...
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EXTERNAL HELP RESOURCES It is not the scope of our Support team to train and support EnergyCAP users on basic functionality of Excel's Power Pivot. Use of Report Designer comes with the presupposition that EnergyCAP users are comfortable working with the...
ISSUE - When I open EnergyCAP Enterprise I am getting a message - "There is an error with your Catalog Service URL" RESOLUTION - There was a Customer Service Message (CSM) that was emailed out on 03/03/2015 and an updated one on 03/20/2015 advising...
Custom Spreadsheet Fix
ENERGYCAP ENTERPRISE: CUSTOM SPREADSHEET ISSUES/FIXES *BILLING PERIOD FILTER OPTIONS MISSING: ISSUE: Some reports and/or Custom Spreadsheets in EnergyCAP Enterprise Rel. 4.3 and previous don't show billing period filter options for "last month," ...
This template offers expanded options for accessing and reporting on billing data.
ISSUE: When upgrading the database, you receive an error 'Cannot insert duplicate key row in object'dbo.ComputedUnitSystem' with unique index 'AK1ComputedUnitSystem'. RESOLUTION: This error is caused by duplicates in your common unit for either Hot Wate...
ActiveX installation for viewing EnergyCAP Web Release web reports
replace build 60 & 74 htm files with this file. Fixes powerview issue.
EnergyCAP Enterprise Release 6.2 Install Instructions
EnergyCAP Enterprise Release 6.2 Release Notes
EnergyCAP Rel. 4.2 ONLY: Updates to avoid Program Shutdown Notice after import or export.
Issue Tracker fix for EnergyCAP Enterprise Rel. 4.2
Fix for Report filter problem in Rel. 4.x
New 6.2 Custom Spreadsheet XML
Setup Sheet
Setup Sheet View