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EC Enterprise: Turn off or disable Bill Splits for an Account
Posted by Ryan Ohlson, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 10 July 2015 01:29 PM

Issue:  EnergyCAP does not allow a user to turn off or disable an account configured for Bill Splits.

Solution:  Execute the script provided below, using the Administrator or SQL Management Studio.  You will need to first edit the script and fill in the AccountID (not the account code) of the master account which has the bill splits setup on it.  The AccountID can be seen to the right of the Account Code field in the Account Properties window in EnergyCAP.

Make certain to replace the XXXX in the script below with the AccountID of the master account. 

CAUTION: As always, make certain to back up your EnergyCAP database BEFORE executing custom scripts against it.

update accountdependentaccount
set enddate = (select max(enddate)-1 from bill where accountid = masterAccountID)
where masterAccountID = XXXX -- Replace XXXX with the AccountID of the master account where the bill splits are setup
and enddate = '3000-01-01'

Written by Ryan Ohlson on 8/19/2009  EnergyCAP Enterprise

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