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EC Enterprise: Calculated Accounts - No new readings error when processing calculated accounts.
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If you receive the message: "Not all accounts processed completely"

Followed by: Processing Account XXXXX
No new readings for XXXXX after mm/dd/yyyy

And you are sure that there are new readings in the system, the issue is related to a change made in EnergyCAP 6.0.
With the enhancements and changes done to calculated accounts for version 6.0 it became necessary to use the account service end date field. In calculated accounts we now require an end date within the timeframe of the bill calculations. If this date is NULL the calculated account processor will not see the new readings for the calculated account. To remedy this issue you can run the script below in SQL Management Studio to fix the calculated accounts.

UPDATE account
SET serviceEnd = '3000-01-01 00:00:00.000'
WHERE accountTypeID = 4 AND serviceEnd IS NULL

An additional possibility is if the Calculated Account(s) in question was(were) a Virtual Account previously.  When the Calculate Bills Processor is launched from either the Tools\Processor Menu, or the right-click Menu with a Cost Center selected, it executes an SQL Statement to select which Calculated Accounts to process.  In the SQL Select Statement is a condition that the Account cannot have a formEquation record associated with it, as this is an intermediary database table used to associate a Virtual Account Script with an Account.  If a no longer used Virtual Account Script is still associated with the Calculated Account, the Calculate Bills Processor will generate the "No new readings error".  The formEquation and formEquationList (where the Virtual Account Script is stored) records can be removed using the below SQL Script, which will allow the
Calculate Bills Processor to properly execute.
DELETE from form
WHERE formID in (select formID from form JOIN virtualAccount on virtualAccount.accountID = form.accountID)

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