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EC Enterprise: ReadingDelta Function not available in Virtual Account Scripts
Posted by John Pierce, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 10 July 2015 12:41 PM

The issue is that the ReadingDelta function is not available for use in Virtual Account Scripts, it is only available for use in Virtual Channel Scripts/Equations.

Therefore, to use the monthly meter readings to determine the consumption for a Virtual Account, a few things need to be in place and a process will need to be followed.

First is the meter setup. The meter will need three separate channels.
1. A Manual, Trip, Electric-Demand-KW Channel, with an interval of 30 Days to track the Demand (if tracking demand).
2. A Manual, Odometer, Electric-ReadingUse-kWh, with an interval of 30 Days to track the meter usage readings.
3. A Simulated, Trip, Electric-Use-kWh, with an interval of 30 Days to track the metered consumption.

In addition, the Simulated/Trip/Electric-Use-kWh Channel will need to have a Virtual Channel equation to calculate the metered consumption. The syntax for this equation is:
ReadingDelta("MeterCode", "ChannelType:ChannelUnit") * Multiplier("MeterCode", "ChannelType:ChannelUnit")
A specific example of this is:
ReadingDelta("SUBE0022MAIN", "READINGUSE:KWH") * Multiplier("SUBE0022MAIN", "READINGUSE:KWH")

Second is the Virtual Account Script. Within the Virtual Account Script, you will need to use the 'TotalUse' function to obtain the metered consumption. A specific example of the syntax for this function is:

An alternative syntax for the Virtual Account Script is: TotalUse(ChannelMeterCode).  This will work if 'ChannelMeterCode' is a variable that is declared at the beginning of the Virtual Account Script to be a Meter Code.

Third is the process. Here it is:
1. Enter the Demand value into the DEMAND Channel, if demand is tracked.
2. Enter the Meter Reading value into the READINGUSE Channel.
3. Execute the Virtual Channels Processor to generate values for the USE Channel. You may execute the Virtual Channels Processor for ALL meters from the Tools\Processor Menu.
4. Execute the Virtual Bills Processor to generate the virtual bills. You may execute the Virtual Bills Processor for ALL Accounts from the Tools\Processor Menu.

A feature request has been submitted to create a function for the Virtual Account Scripts that will determine the 'metered consumption', rather than having to create simulated channels, Virtual Channel Equations, and executing the Virtual Channel Processor.

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