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EC Enterprise: Error Saving Record when Attempting to Save Meter, Place or Account
Posted by Ryan Ohlson, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 22 August 2012 09:26 AM

Issue:  EnergyCAP displays an "Error saving record" message when the user is attempting to update/save a meter, building, or account in EnergyCAP.

There are two possible solutions to this error:

Solution 1:  This issue can usually be addressed successfully by reindexing the tables in the EnergyCAP database. Good Steward Software (GSS) recommends that an individual with knowledge of database management obtain the reindexAllTables.sql script from our available Support Suite Downloads and run the script against the EnergyCAP database. Download script

NOTES: The reindex script can be scheduled to run regularly, and it is recommended that the tables be reindexed every night in high-traffic databases. Clients with web-based databases hosted by GSS will need to submit a trouble ticket in Support Suite to request assistance for reindexing from GSS.

CAUTION: Prior to running the script, a full EnergyCAP database backup is strongly recommended.

Solution 2: There may be an issue with the Auto-Groups in EnergyCAP.  Has one of the Blue Folders in the Groups Manager been deleted?  Check to ensure that the following folders are present:

Place Groups
  Place Primary Use Auto-Group folder

Meter Groups
  Meter Primary Use Auto-Group folder
  Commodity Auto-Group folder
  Vendor-Commodity Auto-Group folder
  Vendor-Rate Auto-Group folder

If any of these folders are MISSING, contact Tech Support and indicate which Auto-Group folder(s) are missing.  A Tech Support staff member will provide a SQL script similar to the following which should fix the problem.

-- To insert a missing Meter Auto-Group ... Missing Place Auto-Groups would be in the OrganizationType table
SET IDENTITY_INSERT aggregationtype ON

insert into aggregationtype (aggregationtypeid,aggregationtypecode,aggregationtypeinfo,autogroup)
values (4,'AGC', 'Commodity Auto-Group',1)


Written by Ryan Ohlson on 7/3/2009  EnergyCAP Enterprise Rel 6.0

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