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EC Pro - Natural Gas Missing Under Rollup Unit Table
Posted by Joel Brickell, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 14 July 2015 04:40 PM

*WARNING  -  Do not attempt this unless you feel comfortable in performing this task. If not, please contact EnergyCAP Technical Support.

Issue:  Natural Gas and THERMS are not showing in the Roll-up Tabs under Global

Solution:   The following is the procedure to return Natural Gas in the Roll-up table.

1. Do a backup of the current database. File/Backup Database.

2. Install SQL Management Studio Express, the install file is added in the Pro download and located at C:\Program Files\EnergyCAP Professional\SQLServer2005_SSMSEE.msi

3. Login to the SQl Management using the Windows Authentication and to the local SQL server. (example: YourComputerName or Your ComputerName/SQLEXPRESS).

4. Click on the + sign next to Databases folder, then click on the + sign next to your database name folder and expand out the folders. Now click on the + sign next to the Tables folder and expand that out.

5. Locate the EnergyType table, (dbo.tblEnergyType) and right mouse click and choose "Open Table". The table will open in the right pane.

6. In the table in the right pane, locate Natural Gas, (energy type #2) and then click on the EnergyRollUpUM (4th column from left). In that column for Natural Gas it will probably say KWH that needs to be changed to THERM.

7. Click on the KWH for Natural Gas - this should highlight this KWH box. Just type in THERM and use the down arrow to change to another box, this will save this entry.

8. Close out of SQL Management and log in to ECAP Pro normally and go to the "Setup" tab on the left hand side. Then go to Global/Rollup Units tab - Natural Gas should be present now.

Created by Joel Brickell 03-11-2009 Affects Pro Versions 2008












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