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EC Enterprise: How to un-consolidated Accounts or separate out EnergyCAP Unbundled Accounts.
Posted by John Pierce, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 10 July 2015 12:38 PM

While taking a closer look to try and determine how to un-consolidate the accounts, I found that there is not a way to use a SQL Script to perform this task.

Below are two procedural options that you can implement from within EneryCAP.

Option A

This option will retain the bill history and the historical consolidated account and detail accounts. The Place and/or Meter filters will need to be used for the Analysis and Billing Reports. The Place and Meter PowerViews will use the data from both the 'old' detail account and the newly created account.
A1. Change the Code and Display for all existing detail accounts on the consolidated (unbundled) account. I suggest appending 'OLD' to each. For example, the detail account code '1100938007' would become '1100938007OLD'.
A2. Create a New Account/Meter for each detail account, using the correct account number ('1100938007') and selecting the existing Vendor and EnergyCAP Meter. The Template and G/L Code for this new Account/Meter should match those for the detail account that this is replacing.
A3. Once all of the replacement detail Account/Meters have been created, edit the consolidated (unbundled) account. Make the consolidated Account 'Inactive', and provide an effective 'end date'. I also suggest that you create an Account Alert with a 'Fail' Severity and text similar to "Account Closed. Enter bills into the detail accounts." These two actions will inform and prevent the Data Entry Staff from entering bills for the consolidated account.

Option B

This option will remove the existing bill history and the historical consolidated and detail accounts. The historical bills will have to be entered for the newly created detail accounts.
B1. Run a BL07 - Bill Details Report for the consolidate account and all bills. Print and/or save this report.
B2. Delete the bill history, consolidated account, and the detail accounts from EnergyCAP.
B3. Create new EnergyCAP Account/Meters for the detail accounts.
B4. Enter historical bills for the newly created detail accounts using the BL07 Report.

EnergyCAP Enterprise Rel. 5.0

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