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EC Enterprise: Common Web Reports Errors
Posted by Ryan Ohlson, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 15 July 2015 02:24 PM


1)  Web reports will not run from the Web Browser nor from the Web Reports button in the Client application.
2)  I can launch the Web Reports properties, but when I click on the Preview button, I get a message saying it cannot locate the report.
3)  I can launch the Web Reports properties, but when I click on the Preview button, I see a box with a red X in the corner and no matter how long I wait, nothing happens.

Possible Solutions:

1)  In order for Web reports to run, you should verify the paths and settings in the following areas:
   a.  Check the config.asp file located on your web server in the /energycap/ folder.  There are settings in here which include the database user name and password which the Web reports will use to attempt to connect to the database and retrieve the requested data.  Verify with your database administrator that the user name and password in this file are correct.

   b.  Launch the EnergyCAP Client application.  Click on Tools > Options - Global ... and then click on the Reports tab.  Here you will find several paths used for Web reports.  The most important paths are the Web Reports Path and the Web Reports Datasource.  The Web Reports Path should be set to: or in some clients cases,                                                                   The Web Reports Datasource should match the Datasource listed in your Catalog Server for the database you're logged into with the EnergyCAP Client.

2)  In some cases where the /energycap/ folder in the IIS server is NOT installed at the root (ie and instead installed in a location like /some_folder/energycap/ (ie  If your scenario is like this, update the value for WebReportPath in the SystemData table in the EnergyCAP database.  From the example above, you would update the WebReportPath value to be /some_folder/reports/

3)  In most cases, this is a sign that the ActiveX (or Java) is unable to run the Crystal Reports report viewer plugin.  Check with your IT department and inquire about enabling your PC to automatically install the report viewer.

Updated 08/23/2012

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