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EC PRO: VISTA/Windows 7 Installation
Posted by Barry Kroeker, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 15 October 2012 10:50 PM

Several issues have been identified with respect to installation of the EnergyCAP Professional software on the VISTA operating system:

  1. When installing EnergyCAP Professional Rel. 2008 on a computer with the VISTA operating system, the user must install by right-clicking on the Pro installation executable file icon and selecting the "Run as Administrator" option from the popup menu.

    Do NOT double-click the installation executable. Do NOT right-click and select "Open" from the popup menu. When the "Open" command is used, VISTA security may engage the UAC (User Account Control) which may limit user permissions even if the user is granted administrator rights on the machine. The Allow or Deny messages may appear during the EnergyCAP installation and prevent portions of the EnergyCAP program from installing correctly.
  2. When EnergyCAP Pro is installed on Vista PCs, the installation includes a PC reboot after the SQL Express database engine is installed. Unlike XP, which reboots and continues forward with the installation automatically, Vista reboots and displays the normal desktop as if installation is complete. It is not.  

    After the installation reboot, it is necessary for the user to click Start/All Programs/Startup. There will be an EnergyCAP icon in the Startup program list. After the computer reboot, click the EnergyCAP icon from the Startup list to initiate the remaining portions of the EnergyCAP installation.

    NOTE: Failure to completely install EnergyCAP can create problems with multiple, failed, installations!
  3. Some users have reported difficulty with installations from a CD-ROM (incomplete installation). If this problem occurs, obtain the EnergyCAP Professional installation file via internet download, and run the installation from the downloaded file per the instructions above.



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