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EC PRO: Error 599, SQL Connection Error
Posted by Barry Kroeker, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 14 July 2015 04:29 PM

Issue: EnergyCAP Professional runs fine except for reports. When a report is attempted an Error 599, SQL Connection Error, is displayed on the screen.

Error 599 has been observed in a number of circumstances:

1. There is a software firewall on the PC that blocks access to SQL/MSDE. Port 1434 is used to communicate with the database.

Solution: Ensure that the firewall is disabled or that port 1434 is open.

2. Windows XP, service pack 2 (released in Sept 2004) adds a built-in Windows firewall to your system.

Solution: This must be deactivated or blocking for the port (see above) released.

3. The database was not attached to MSDE/SQL through the Energy CAP SYS login, but rather it was attached through an external database manager program such as SQL Enterprise Manager. If Energy CAP SYS is not used to attach the database, the user login to the database is NOT created properly.

Although users do not typically have to detach and attach databases, this will be required if you move your Energy CAP database to a different PC, switch to a backup copy of the database or have a consultant or tech support service your database.

Solution A: To correct, detach the database from MSDE/SQL and then re-attach by logging in to EnergyCAP via the SYS user name and using the File/Attach Database functionality in EnergyCAP.

Solution B: First verify if the User has been created properly in SQL. Using SQL Enterprise Manager, check the properties of User 'ecuser.' BOTH the user name and login name MUST be 'ecuser.' If the login name is blank, you will experience the error 599 when running reports. To correct within SQL, follow this procedure:

Select the problem database and run this SQL script to fix your logins...

EXEC sp_changedbowner 'ecsysadmin'
EXEC sp_change_users_login 'auto_fix', 'ecuser'
EXEC sp_change_users_login 'update_one', 'ecuser', 'ecuser'

4. Error 599 has been encountered when running EnergyCAP on a networked PC connected to multiple installations of SQL Server. This condition is still being investigated.

5. Server IP login.

Solution: In some situations the problem is solved by logging into the SQL Server using the IP address rather than the name of the PC. To obtain your IP address, launch a DOS windows and type IPCONFIG/all. Then run EnergyCAP, click on File and Login to Server. Enter the IP of the PC as the server name (example: and select the database from the drop down list.

6. Other intermittent occurrences.

Solution: Stop the MSDE SQL data engine (right click on the server icon in the lower right corner of your Windows screen to see the stop option) and then re-start it. This has been observed to clear up the problem.

7. PC was upgraded from Pro 2003 to Pro 2004. Error was encountered running Pro 2004 for the first time, even though upgrade and database conversion ran smoothly.

Solution: Login to EnergyCAP using the SYS initials. Click File/Detach and detach the database, then click on File/Attach and attach the database.

by Joel Brickell  last modified 06/25/2008  EnergyCAP Professional Rel. 2005

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