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EC PRO: Reports - Error 103 Incompatible CRPE version
Posted by Barry Kroeker, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 14 July 2015 04:33 PM

Issue: When entering EnergyCAP Pro 2005 I get this message: Error:103 Incompatible CRPE version: requires version 11.x CRPE32.DLL ::

(Your message may end in something different than "CRPE32.DLL ::")

Solution: Pro 2005 uses version 11 of Crystal Reports. Earlier versions of EnergyCAP used Crystal 8.5. Crystal Reports is a popular reporting engine, so you may have other programs on your PC that also generate reports through Crystal Reports, and those programs may use versions of Crystal from 7 to 11.

CRPE32.DLL is a Crystal Reports supporting file that must be installed on your PC. It must be version 11 for EnergyCAP Pro 2005. (You can see the version of a file via Properties - version). In the case of the above error message, Energy CAP found a version of CRPE32.DLL on the PC, but it is version 7 ( and not version 11, hence the error message.

For some reason, this file was not installed properly when EnergyCAP Pro 2005 was installed. This could be due to several reasons:
1 - You have ANOTHER program on your PC that also uses Crystal Reports as the reports engine. This program was running when you installed EnergyCAP. Because the CRPE32.DLL file was in use at the time by this other program, the EnergyCAP install was unable to update it.
2 - When EnergyCAP was installed, the Windows user login lacked the required access privileges to install this file.

Download the CRPE32.DLL file (click the Downloads tab in Support Suite) and copy the file to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Business Objects\3.0\Bin

This should fix the problem.

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