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EC PRO: LAN SQL Server Instead of MSDE
Posted by Barry Kroeker, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 17 March 2017 02:29 PM

It is possible to connect your EnergyCAP Professional database to your own SQL Server rather than use the provided MSDE Desktop Data Engine.

However, do NOT use the SQL Enterprise Manager tools to attach the database to SQL. You must use the SYS login to EnergyCAP, then use the Attach Database function from the File menu. If you attach the database using SQL tools outside of Energy CAP, you may not be able to run EnergyCAP reports (error 599).

There is no difference between SQL Express and SQL Server. The only consideration is that the SQL Server 'sa' password should be blank when EnergyCAP Professional accesses the server the first time so that it can create its server logins using the SYS function and Attach Database. Then the 'sa' password can be set back to its original value. The sysadmin should be logged in as 'sa' before Professional is run so that they can change the password back to its original value without knowing what Professional set it to. If this has not been done, contact tech support for the password.

Creating the proper server logins manually (user=ecuser, pwd=St3w@rd, member of no server roles or Public; user=ecsysadmin, pwd=$H3ph3rd, member of sysadmin, securityadmin, processadmin and dbcreator server roles). Use the SYS function to let Professional attach any existing databases and fix the database logins.

When using the SYS function's Attach Database command, the database you wish to attach must be shown in the drop-down list. The drop-down list is populated by finding all of the detached SQL databases beginning with "ec_" that are located in the SQL Server data folder. NOTE: The location of the SQL Server data folder is stored in the registry at: HKey_Local_Machine --> Software --> Microsoft --> MSSQL Server --> Setup --> SQLPath. Append "\Data" to the path when attaching the database.

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