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EC PRO: Changing Units of Measure on Summary Reports
Posted by Barry Kroeker, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 28 May 2015 03:08 PM

Issue Description: You want to change the units of measure shown on summary reports from the built-in defaults to some other reporting units. For example, THERM to CCF for natural gas or from KGAL to CCF for water.


EnergyCAP Pro 2005 and later -
go to Setup - Global - RollUp Units and change the rollup units of measure.

EnergyCAP Pro 2004 and earlier:

1. EnergyCAP Pro 2004 and earlier versions do not have a user interface for this. You can download and use a free SQL database manager program, published license-free by an Italian software company. This DBA Manager tool, called DbaMGR2k, allows you to access your database tables directly and change the roll-up reporting units for an energy type. CAUTION - While this tool is relatively easy to use and quite powerful, it can also cause irrevocable damage to your database if you make improper changes! Use it at your own risk! Your software maintenance plan does NOT cover free repair of corrupted database tables.

2. The DbaMGR2k tool can be downloaded from the EnergyCAP website. See Support-Downloads, then Energy CAP Pro MSDE Manager.

3. After downloading, click on the file to install it.

4. Run EnergyCAP, then exit. This ensures that the MSDE data engine is running.

5. Run DbaMGR2k.

Right click on SqlServer, then click Connect to establish the MSDE connection. If it doesn't connect, click on Settings, then click on Trusted NT Connection, then Connect.

- Go to Databases, select the appropriate database (your database name will be preceded with "ec_"), then Tables.

- Go to Table tblEnergyType. Right click, then Show All Rows.

- Find the row that corresponds to the energy type you want to change.

- In the EnergyRollUpUM column, change it to what you want. For example, to change gas from THERM to CCF, for EnergyTypeID #2 change THERM to CCF.

- In column Energy2KBTUConv, change the conversion factor. Using gas as an example, the existing conversion of 100 means that THERM x 100 = KBTU. If you changed it to CCF, then the new factor is CCF x 103 = KBTU. The MCF factor is MCF x 1030 = KBTU. If you are changing water or sewer, those conversion factors are zero.

- Make note of Column 1, EnergyTypeID. This is the internal energy type ID code. For Natural Gas, it is 2.

- Close this table.

- Click on Table tblBillUMType, then right click, then select Show All Rows.

- In the EnergyTypeID column (the RIGHTMOST column), find all rows that have the same energy type ID code that you are looking for. There might be multiple rows, one per billing units of measure. Be SURE you are looking at the EnergyTypeID column on the right and NOT the BillUMTypeID on the left!

- Change the values in column Bill2RollUpConv to show the new conversion factor from billing units to roll-up units. If you are changing gas from THERM to CCF, then new factors are: CCF = 1, MCF = 10, THERM = 0.971, DKTHERM=9.71. If you are changing water (EnergyTypeID=5) from KGAL to CCF, new factors are: CCF=1, KGAL=1.337, GAL=.001337, CF=.01, MCF=10

- Exit DbaMGR2k when done. The changes are now in effect.

6. Note: Once you make a change, it affects ALL reports.

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