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EC PRO: I See Demodata Instead of My Data
Posted by Barry Kroeker, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 14 July 2015 04:31 PM

Issue: My actual data does not appear in EnergyCAP Professional. In the lower right corner of the screen it shows: (local) DemoData

Solution: A demo database called DemoData is provided with EnergyCAP for training and testing. Your EnergyCAP program is connecting to the DemoData database instead of your organization database.

If you have just upgraded your version of EnergyCAP, moved to a new computer or installed an upgrade of other software, it's possible that the connection between EnergyCAP and your database was lost. In this case, EnergyCAP by default will try to log in to the DemoData database.

The solution may vary depending upon your situation. Try each of the actions below in the sequence indicated.

1. In EnergyCAP, click on File and then Open Database. If your database name appears in the drop down list, click on it and then click OK. That's all you need to do.

2. If your database name does not appear in the drop down list, don't be alarmed. It could have become "unattached" from the SQL Server database engine. Run EnergyCAP and login using initials SYS. This brings you to the administrator functions. Click on File and then Attach Database. If your database name appears in the list, click on it and then click Attach. Once the process is complete, exit EnergyCAP, login using your normal initials, and follow step #1 above.

3. If your database did not appear in the Attach list, it may be located in an improper folder on your PC. This can only happen if you've changed PCs or moved files. Be sure that your two database files (one ending in .MDF and one ending in _log.LDF) are located in the default database directory
(usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server|MSSQL.1\DATA).

by Joel Brickell  06/25/2007  EnergyCAP Professional

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