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EnergyCAP Professional Online Clients with Missing GHG Factors
Posted by Josh Berkheimer, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 07 March 2017 05:12 PM

There is an issue with some EnergyCAP Professional Online clients where Greenhouse Gas (GHG) factors are not assigned to meters.  The root cause of this is the absence of a building address (specifically the state).  This causes the GHG/emissions numbers that appear on certain reports (CAP15, CAP15A/B, CAP19, CAP19A/B, GHG01, GHG02PT) to be inaccurate.

This should only be an issue for clients who were converted from EnergyCAP Professional Desktop to the Professional Online platform.

To see if this is an issue that’s affecting you, please do the following:
- Go to the Buildings & Meters panel
- Select an Electric or Natural Gas meter
- Select Actual Data > Greenhouse Gas

If the meter you’ve selected has GHG factors linked to it, the page will look similar to the attached image.

If there are no factors linked to a meter, you’ll simply get a screen that says No Data Available.

Keep in mind, just because one meter has GHG factors linked does not mean all meters do. This will need to be checked on a meter-by-meter basis.

Not all commodities will have GHG factors available. Commodities like water, sewer, and irrigation will not have GHG factors.

To assign GHG factors to meters that have no GHG factors assigned, the following will need to be done:
-  Select a building that contains a meter with GHG factors. Modify the Building Properties to ensure an address (a ZIP code and state) is assigned to the building. This will need to be done for all buildings that are currently missing a ZIP code and state.  It can be done either via a setup/update sheet or manually editing each building. Clients who are in contract with Cenergistic will need to contact their Data Consultant to assist with using a setup sheet.

- Manually create a new account. This will trigger a background process that assigns GHG factors to all meters that do not already have GHG factors assigned to them. The account and meter may be deleted after being successfully created.

- Submit a support ticket to EnergyCAP to let us know you have completed the above steps and have meters that need to have GHG data refreshed. We need to run a process on our end to make sure your historical bills are using the newly assigned factors.  At that point, GHG reports and PowerViews will be fully up to date and reflect the accurate GHG amounts.

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