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EC Online: Update spreadsheets for Place Floor area
Posted by Matthew Heinz, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 15 July 2015 02:27 PM

Issue:  There is a bug in the update process for buildings that is causing problems.  It’s become evident that users expect that if they don’t put an effective date on an updated floor area value, that they expect the current floor area to be updated.  That was not the current logic, and instead it created a new entry.  The problem is that the new entry has an old “beginning of time” date and this prevents the logic from firing that makes sure only one floor area is active at any one time.  Therefore, we end up with multiple floor areas and some queries start to crash (along with reports giving duplicates).

A fix has already been made and will be released with the next update: 1) if the user does not supply a date, we will update the current (enddate=1/1/3000) floor area value; 2) If there is no floor area entry, we will create a new one but make sure it defaults to the correct default begin date (1/1/2000) if one is not supplied.

Solution: Supply an effective date on the update sheet.  If it’s the same “begin date” as the current floor area, it will update it.  If it’s different, we’ll do our normal logic to make sure it begins and ends without leaving holes. Users will have to manually delete the duplicate entry for now to prevent the query errors. 



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