EC Express: Editing Audit Settings
Posted by Matthew Heinz on 06 June 2012 03:05 PM

Editing Audit Settings

Audit settings can be set individually for each audit in each Audit Group. The same audit may be run in different Audit Groups with different audit settings in each. In this way, a series of increasingly tighter tolerances can be defined for any auditable characteristic of a bill. This capability makes EnergyCAP audits highly customizable and useful tools for spotting bill issues.

To edit Audit Settings:

  1. Go to Bill Processing and click to select the specific Audit Group. Associated audits will be displayed in a table including the following information columns:
    • Name: Audit name.
    • Description: Audit description (identifies the auditable characteristic of the bill).
    • Severity: User-determined severity level for a failed audit.
    • Settings: User-determined tolerance for the audit.
    • Skip Zero Comparison: Flag indicates whether or not comparisons will be run if the comparison bill value is "0". This flag is set with a checkbox in the Audit Settings for that audit.
  2. Click the Pencil icon to the left of the Audit name.

  3. The Audit Settings window will appear.

    Settings options will vary depending on the nature of the audit.
  4. Make desired changes and click Save to save the new Audit Settings. Or click Cancel to exit the Audit Settings window without saving changes.

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