EC Express: Editing an Audit Group
Posted by Matthew Heinz on 06 June 2012 03:03 PM

Editing an Audit Group

To edit Name, Code or Description for an Audit Group:

  1. Click Audit Groups from the Bill Processing hierarchy. A list of defined Audit Groups will be displayed.
  2. Click the pencil icon to the left of the Audit Group name.

    The Audit Group Properties window wil open:

  3. Revise the editable fields as desired. When done, click Save. Or click Cancel to close the Properties window without saving your changes.

To edit audit and filter settings for an Audit Group:

  1. From Bill Processing, locate Audit Groups and click to select the desired Audit Group from the hierarchy.

  2. Modify Audit and/or Filter settings from the Audits and Filters tab in the same fashion as when the audit was created.
    1. To add an Audit to an existing Audit Group, click the Audits tab. Then click to select/highlight the Audit Group folder. the Audits tab will display a list of audits currently associated with this Audit Group. Beneath that list is a link to Audits That Can Be Added to This Group. Click the link to reveal the list of available audits.
    2. Click the check box in front of the audit(s) to be added, and click the Add Selected Audit(s) button. The selected audits will be added to the list of audits associated with the group.
      NOTE: Audits can be removed from the group in a similar fashion: Click the check box in front of the audits to be removed from the group; then click the Remove Selected Audit(s) button.
    3. To add a filter to the Audit Group, click the Filter tab. Then click to highlight the filter name from the Additional Filters list. The related Filter Settings will be displayed. Filter settings will vary depending on the filter selected.
    4. Adjust the filter settings using the intuitive interface. When done, click the Save button to save the filter to the Current Filters list. Or click the Clearbutton to remove it.


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