EC Express: Adding A User
Posted by Matthew Heinz on 06 June 2012 11:13 AM

Adding A User

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Adding new users is an Administration function. From Administration, click Users & Permissions and then click the Invite User button. Input the required information, including the user role (see User Role below), the user email address, and any custom message to be included with the invitation email. When done, EnergyCAP will send an email inviting the new user to create a login. When the invitation is accepted, the new user can create a username and password .

To get started, click the "Invite User" button at the top of the list of users.


User Role

Each user must be assigned a user role.  A user role defines what features the user is allowed to access, and what their create/edit/modify/delete rights are.   "View" permission means that a user can view data but cannot create, modify, or delete records.  "Write" permission means that a user can create, modify, and delete records.  One of the following User Roles must be assigned to each user.  They are listed in order from most access to least access:

Administrator - Full view and write access to all menus, features, and functions.  The Administrator User Role is the only one that can create new users or change a User Role assignment.

Bill Entry & Account Setup - Ideal for a Data Entry Specialist who is responsible for day-to-day bill processing and associated setup tasks.  This User Role has the same permissions as an Administrator, except it cannot create or modify users.

Building Administrator - View access to all menus, features, and functions.  Write access is limited to building and meter setup data such as name, address, floor area, and ENERGY STAR attributes.

Bill Entry Only - This role is ideal for distance users who receive bills and need to enter them into the system.  They cannot create or modify other data in the system but have full viewing access to all parts of the application.

Building Manager - View Only - Intended for a department/building manager or a consultant, this User Role has View access only, and is limited to six menus: Home, Buildings & Meters, Groups & Benchmarking , Accounts, Vendors & Rates, and Reports.

Public - View Only - The Public Access User Role grants view only access to four menus: Home, Buildings & Meters, Groups & Benchmarking, and Shared Reports.  It is similar to Building Manager - View Only but does not allow view of Vendors & Rates and Accounts.

Public - Reports Only - A Reports Only user can only view Shared Reports in the application.  This is ideal for users that need to actually run reports on a periodic basis but would otherwise find the other data viewing options overwhelming and not useful.

Topmost Place

A user can be allowed to access all data, or can be limited to a "topmost" node in the Buildings & Meters tree.  "Topmost" means that the user can view everything that falls directly under that node, but cannot access anything else.  The Topmost Place node can be a single building, or it can be an organizational node such as a department, agency, business unit, campus, etc.

When a new user is created, the Topmost Place is set as equal to the Topmost Place of the user who sent the invite.  After the new user record has been created (after the user has accepted the invite), an Administrator can edit the user record and change the Topmost Place if need be.

Consider the illustration below:

1.  User 1 has no Topmost Place restriction. He can access all departments, all buildings, and all meters.

2. User 2 has Topmost Place set to General Services Dept.  She can see the eight buildings that fall directly under General Services, and all of their meters, but nothing else.

3. User 3 has Topmost Place set to the Central Administration building.  He can access its two water meters, electric meter, gas meter and oil meter, but nothing else.

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