EC Express: Moving a Cost Center or Account
Posted by Matthew Heinz on 06 June 2012 10:58 AM

Moving a Cost Center or Account

To move a Cost Center or Account:

  1. Select Accounts from the Main Menu. The Accounts navigation Tree View will appear on the left.

  2. If necessary, expand the tree by clicking the arrow icons so that the Cost Center/Account to be moved and its destination location are both visible in the Accounts tree. Then click to highlight the Cost Center/Account to be moved.

    NOTE: If the current location and destination cannot be displayed simultaneously, try expanding your browser window or collapsing unnecessary branches of the Tree View.

  3. Click and drag the Cost Center to the desired destination. The destination branch will be highlighted as the mouse pointer moves.

  4. Rlease the mouse button when the correct destination has been highlighted. The Cost Center will be relocated to the selected branch of the tree.

RULES for Moving Cost Centers or Accounts:

  1. When a Cost Center is moved, all accounts and other 'child' Cost Centers associated with the Cost Center 'parent' are moved as well.

  2. Cost Centers can only be placed under the "Accounts" navigation heading (root node) of the Tree View, or under other previously-created Cost Centers. A Cost Center cannot be a 'child' of an account.

  3. Accounts can only be placed under Cost Centers. An account cannot be a 'child' of another account.

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