EC Express: Meter Groups
Posted by Matthew Heinz on 06 June 2012 10:54 AM

Meter Groups

Meter Groups provide analysis tools based on characteristics of the meters in each group.

EnergyCAP maintains several Meter Auto-Groups:

  • Commodity Auto-Groups are maintained for each commodity (electric, natural gas, etc.).
  • Meter Primary Use Auto-Groups are maintained for each specified meter primary use (as defined in Meter Properties).
  • Vendor-Commodity Auto-Groups are maintained for each commodity associated with a particular vendor (this is helpful for spotting variations in cost).
  • Vendor Rate Auto-Groups are maintained for every vendor and every utility rate associated with that vendor (this is helpful for spotting rate or billing problems quickly).

In addition to the Auto-Groups, other Meter Groups can be created and managed by each EnergyCAP user. See the video on Managing Groups for more information.

Meter Groups can be used to rank meters from highest to lowest in order to spot abnormal unit cost, usage, demand, and cost.

Groups and Benchmarking provides several different ways of looking at the data for each group member. Click the Benchmarks tabs to choose the most helpful display.

The Cost Rank charts show the most expensive meters, and are ranked by average daily cost.

The Use Rank charts show which meters consume the most, and are ranked by average daily use.

The Unit Cost charts show which meters have excessive cost per unit, which is a typical indicator of a billing, data, or rate schedule problem.

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