EC Express: How To Add a Building
Posted by Matthew Heinz on 06 June 2012 10:40 AM

Adding a Building

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Buildings are created as part of an organizational hierarchy. The hierarchy includes "nodes" of organization subdivisions (departments, agencies, business units, etc.) and individual buildings. To add a new building or organization node:

1. Select Buildings & Meters from the main menu. The Buildings tree will appear in the left pane.
2. Click to highlight the organization node that will include the new building or organization (this is called the “parent node”).
NOTE: Organization nodes and building nodes are distinguished by the icon associated with each. Organizations have a “double building icon” and buildings have a “single building” icon.
3. Click the “+” button beneath the building tree. The Building/Organization Wizard will appear.

4. Select the item to be added (Organization Node, Building, or Meter).
5. Follow the Wizard instructions to complete the setup. 

 The two types of node icons are: 

* Buildings: A building is a physical structure that has one or more points of utility service such as a building, an outdoor recreation site, or an equipment asset (antenna, sign, street light, etc.).  All meters in EnergyCAP must be “attached” to a building node.

* Organization: A node on the Buildings & Meters tree can be organizational in nature to designate a department, agency, campus, site, region, or business unit.  These nodes are the parents that have buildings assigned under them, and allow you to view and filter data at various rollup levels.  A simple portfolio might have no need for “organization” nodes, while a portfolio that spans various regions of the country might benefit from viewing energy data per region.

Quick Tip: Moving Buildings

EnergyCAP Express provides drag-and-drop functionality for moving buildings and organizations. When moving Building or Organization nodes, note the rules below:

  1. Buildings can only contain meters.  You cannot create or move a building or organization to underneath another building.
  2. Meters must be created underneath a building, not an organization node
  3. Buildings must be created underneath an organizational node, even if it's the only one at the top of the tree.
  4. Moving a building or organizational node will move all items assigned under that node.
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