EC Express: Cost Centers and Accounts Overview
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Cost Centers and Accounts Overview

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To view Cost Centers and/or Accounts, click 
Accounts from the Main Menu. The Accounts Tree View provides a way of organizing and navigating the financial structure of your company, including all utility bill data.

An Account in EnergyCAP represents a formal business arrangement between a customer and a vendor. A Cost Center is a group or collection of related accounts and/or other Cost Centers. Think of a Cost Center as a directory containing subdirectories that are related, and subordinate, to it. Use the Accounts Tree View in EnergyCAP to create the organizational structure that most closely resembles the financial configuration of your working business model. Your accounting department may be able to provide guidance with this setup.

One advantage of structuring Cost Centers in this way is that most EnergyCAP reports can be filtered by Topmost Cost Center (similar to the Topmost Place in the Place tree of Buildings & Meters) . This enables convenient and powerful financial reporting on utility expenses for any business unit.

The Accounts tree provides navigation for cost centers and the individual accounts associated with them. Data for the selected account or cost center is displayed in the presentment pane on the right. Cost centers organize accounts into categories that can be used to represent departments, divisions, vendors, commodities, etc within your organization. When a single branch from the Accounts tree is selected, all utility data associated with that branch is 'rolled up' and displayed as totals.

There are four tabbed PowerView pages associated with Cost Centers:

The General tab (see image below) displays basic information, including the Code, Name, and Location in the Cost Center hierarchy for the selected Account or Cost Center. For individual accounts, the General view also provides the Account G/L Code, Billing Cycle, Status (active or inactive), Vendor, and links and other information related to the specific Meter(s), Rates, and User-Defined Fields associated with the account.

The Summary tab (see image below) displays the Total Cost Summary PowerView, a quick fiscal year cost summary compiled from data associated with the selected node of the Account hierarchy.

The Bills tab (for individual Accounts only-see image below) displays data for all the bills associated with the account. Click the pencil icon in the second column to open a popup window with additional bill details (including a link to the actual bill image, if available).

The Commodity tab (see image below) displays PowerViews for cost and use associated with each individual commodity. The Commodity tab data provides a graphical comparison of current year use and cost data with up to three years of previous data.

Commodity PowerViews answer questions like, “How does this year’s electric use per day compare to last year’s use per day for this Account or Cost Center?” Five charts are provided for each commodity:

  • Total Cost Summary—Provides a bar chart with actual dollars spent each year.
  • Total Use Summary—Provides a bar chart with total use (expressed in the unit appropriate for the commodity) each year.
  • Unit Cost Summary—Provides a bar chart with cost per unit comparisons (Year-To-Date vs. two previous calendar years)
  • Equivalent YTD (Per Day)—Provides a bar chart comparing Equivalent Year-To-Date DAILY cost and use data.
  • Current YTD vs. Same Period Last Year—Provides a bar chart comparing cost and use per day to last year’s values for the same period, expresses as percentage values.

The Monthly tab (see image below) displays month-by-month comparisons of cost, use and unit cost for each energy type using a bar graph format. This view enables quick comparisons of monthly cost, use, and unit cost fluctuations.

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