EC Express: Groups & Benchmarking Overview
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Groups & Benchmarking Overview

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All Groups in EnergyCAP Express are either Place Groups or Meter Groups.
  • Place Groups are defined by properties associated with a place (primary use, square footage, etc.).
  • Meter Groups are defined by properties associated with an account/meter (vendor, commodity, rate, etc.)

There are two ways that Groups are set up and maintained in EnergyCAP Express.

  • Auto-Groups (identified by the blue folder icons) are defined and maintained automatically by EnergyCAP.
  • User-defined Groups (identified by the yellow folder icons) are defined and maintained by individual users.

Place and Meter Groups are organized into Categories. Categories can contain as many groups as desired. Each group contains member places or meters.

Comparison properties are displayed using benchmarking bar charts that display twin bars for each group member. The upper bar represents the value being benchmarked, and the lower bar is the total cost for the billing period range represented by the chart. The total cost bar assists with determining the relative cost significance of the outlier.

Typical Groups include those Places/Meters sharing similar commodities, similar costs, similar building types, similar usage patterns, etc.. For example, Groups can be used to compare and report on:

  • Cost per day associated with all buildings with natural gas meters
  • Unit cost for all metered classrooms
  • Usage for the “top 10” oil meters
  • Demand ranking for all electric meters

To use the Groups reporting capability in EnergyCAP:

  1. Click the Groups & Benchmarking link from the main menu.
  2. Click the desired Group Category to reveal its members.
  3. Click the desired Group icon to select the desired group. One of the benchmarking views will be displayed.
  4. Click the top tab/link that corresponds with the benchmarking view desired (Cost RankUnit Cost Rank, etc.).

Data views for Meter groups include:

  • General (Displays group properties, excluded members, and associated Quick Reports)
  • Cost Rank (Orders group members by associated cost)
  • Unit Cost Rank (Orders group members by associated unit cost)
  • Use Rank (Orders group members by associated use)
  • Unit Cost by Cost rank (Orders group members by expense totals)
  • Unit Cost by User rank (Orders group members by usage totals)
  • Demand Rank (Orders group members by associated electric demand--only available if demand is being tracked)

Data views for Places are similar, but do not include Demand Rank.

For more information on any graph displayed in EnergyCAP, click the ? button associated with the graph.

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