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EC Pro: Getting error message "Can't Access Database in Server XXXXX"
Posted by Joel Brickell, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 14 July 2015 05:12 PM

Issue: When opening EnergyCAP Pro 2011 on Windows 7, I get an error message saying "Can't Access Database in Server XXXXX" (XXXXX being your SQL server name)

Solution: First, with Windows 7 you want to make sure that you have permissions to the SQL data folder. This is located at C:\Program Files (x86, if you are running a 64-bit machine) \Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data. Once you click on the MSSQL folder, you may get a pop-up saying you do not have permissions, do you wish to continue. Click YES or Continue. This is your indicator that you didn't have permissions to the data folder, but now you should.
Now you can open Pro 2011 by right mouse click - Run as Administrator and using the initials SYS and check to see if the DemoData is attached. Do this by going to File > Detach Database and select the dropdown box in the pop-up window. If you see the DemoData there, then it is attached and you can Close or Cancel out of this window and close Pro 2011. Now open Pro 2011 the same way as above, but using your initials. You will get the error message "Can't access database in server XXXX".  Just click OK and a pop-up window will come up. This should be the "log in to server" window. It will have the server name populated and the second line is a dropdown box. Click on the arrow of the dropdown to populate the database name, DemoData. Then click OK. You should now have Pro 2011 open and seeing the DemoData base now.
If after completing this and you still do not see the demodata or Pro still will not open, please go to and enter a trouble ticket.
Created by: Joel Brickell  09/22/2011  Affects EnergyCAP Professional 2011 installs
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