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EC Enterprise: GHG Data Not Calculating Due to Non-Standard Units
Posted by Peter Caton, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 04 June 2012 05:00 PM

If you have set up GHG emission factors in your EnergyCAP database and have run the GHG processor, but do not see GHG emissions for some or all of your meters, the "Greenhouse Gases" tab of the meter may look something like this:


If this is the case, please first check in your Unit System (Tools > Unit System > Commodities > Global Usage Roll-Up) to see if the Global Usage Roll-Up unit in your database is in the following list of standard units:


*Here is a screenshot of an EnergyCAP Unit System with a standard Global Usage Roll-Up unit:

Next, check to see if the unit that you are using in your GHG factor (e.g. .001901 MTON/Liter) is in the list above.  If your Global Usage Roll-Up unit OR your GHG factor is not in the list above, then you are using a non-standard unit and EnergyCAP will not be able to calculate your GHG emissions without database-end configuration.  You will need assistance configuring your GHG unit conversion table to reflect this non-standard unit.  Please contact EnergyCAP's Customer Support team for assistance.

By Peter Caton 07/14/2011

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