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EC PRO: An EnergyCAP Professional version report has been updated. How do I install it?
Posted by Matthew Heinz, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 14 July 2015 05:10 PM

Problem: An EnergyCAP Professional version report has been updated. How do I install it?

Solution: Updating EnergyCAP Pro 2011 report CAP19 is presented as an example:

1. Run EnergyCAP. Navigate to and highlight the existing report that is to be replaced with an updated version. Right click, then click Uninstall. Click Yes to confirm. The report will be uninstalled.

2. Obtain the updated RPT file. It will be named the same as the report. For example, an updated CAP19 report file is named cap19.rpt. You may receive it via download or via email.

3. Copy it over top of the older version of cap19.rpt that is in the Reports folder under EnergyCAP Professional in your Program Files folder. (You may have named the EnergyCAP Professional folder differently during installation, for example EnergyCAP Pro 11. You may need Administrator rights to access this folder.) 

4. In EnergyCAP, right click on the appropriate report category as shown below, then Install.

5. Navigate to the Reports folder, select cap19.rpt and click Open.

6. Click OK on the Install Report screen.

7. The report will appear in EnergyCAP in the reports list. Test it to be sure it runs properly.

Created by: Matthew Heinz on 05/18/2011  Updated by: Joel Brickell  05/20/2011

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