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EC Enterprise: Incorrect Natural Gas Usage Heat Conversion Multiplier
Posted by Kurt Kroeker, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 15 July 2015 02:20 PM

Problem/Issue: EnergyCAP's Unit System may have an incorrect multiplier in the Equivalencies section. This would result in incorrect values when converting from MCF to DKTHM.

Resolution: To fix this issue, you will need to insert or change

the equivalency in question, and then recalculate your bills with the new
equivalency in effect.

First, navigate to the Natural Gas Usage Volume

In EnergyCAP, click Tools>>Unit System.

When the Unit System displays, click the Equivalencies tab
and scroll down until you see the Natural Gas commodity with Class Usage,
Unit Type Volume, and Default Unit MCF.

Double-click this row or select the row and click the edit
button to bring up the Equivalence Properties. Click the Conversions tab. You
should now see all the conversions for converting FROM Natural Gas Usage Volume
TO heat, volume, etc.

If your Natural Gas Usage Heat [DKTHM] Multiply by value
is 10.3, this is INCORRECT and must be changed! The correct value for this
multiplier is 1.03.

If your screen looks different from
the example above, please STOP and send us a screenshot! We will assist you
from there.

If your screen looks like the
example above but with [THERM] instead of [DKTHM] then 10.3 is the CORRECT
value. However, if the line is [THERM] and the value is NOT 10.3, you should
change it to 10.3.

If your screen looks like the example above, you may
continue. To change the incorrect value to the correct value, double-click this
row or select the row and click the edit button to bring up the Conversion
. Type 1.03 in the Multiply by box and click OK.

Click OK once more from the Equivalence Properties.

Now, you have successfully changed the incorrect
Equivalence. However, you still need to recalculate your bills.

To recalculate your bills, log into EnergyCAP Administrator.
This utility is located in the installation location of EnergyCAP Enterprise:

From EnergyCAP Administrator, click Stored

Make sure the Execute Existing Procedure radio button is
selected. In the dropdown box, select the CleanBillRecalc option.

Before you continue, however,
understand that this procedure may take more than an HOUR to run on a large database
with many bills and it may slow down the server! We recommend that you execute
this operation at the end of the day.

To execute this Stored Procedure, click OK. When it has finished processing, it will display a
success message:

At this time the bills have been recalculated and you may
review them for accuracy, given the new conversion.

Last edited by Kurt Kroeker 2011-05-17    EnergyCAP Enterprise Rel 6.2 [DB 64]

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