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EC Enterprise - Getting No name string error after double clicking on Enterprise Icon
Posted by Joel Brickell, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 10 July 2015 01:34 PM

Issue: I get an error when I double click on the EnergyCAP Icon - No name string Switching to local ODBC data sources. 

Solution: This error message is telling you that your connection strings are wrong for EnergyCAP Enterprise to connect/find your datasource that EnergyCAP, Inc hosts. To fix this problem, select OK and the EnergyCAP login window will open. Now you simply just need to click on the little world icon in the bottom left. This will open up the window to your URL connection strings. 

The first URL is for the Catalog Server. Below is the URL that should now be in this URL space. Please feel free to cut and paste this in to this area. Make sure you replace the Datasource with your datasource name.

Catalog Server:Datasource

The second one is the Data Provider URL. This URL can be copy and paste into the Data Provider field without modifying or changing it.

Data Provider:

Once you have done this, click OK and try to log in again. You should have a successful log on. If you still do not connect, please contact Customer Support. You can do this by going to our Support site ( and enter a support ticket. 

Created by Joel Brickell  11/05/2010  EnergyCAP Enterprise Hosted Clients

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