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EC Pro: Installing EnergyCAP software on Windows 7
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How to install the EnergyCAP software on the Windows 7 operating system:

ISSUE 1: Run As Administrator

When installing EnergyCAP Software on a computer with the Windows 7 operating system, the user MUST install by right-clicking the installation executable file icon and selecting the Run as Administrator option from the popup menu.

Do NOT double-click the installation executable. Do NOT right-click and select Open from the popup menu. When the Open command is used, Windows 7 security may engage the UAC (User Account Control), which may limit user permissions even if the user is granted administrator rights on the machine. The "Allow" or "Deny" messages may appear during the EnergyCAP installation and prevent portions of the EnergyCAP program from installing correctly.

NOTE: We strongly suggest turning off the UAC prior to installing EnergyCAP.  UAC can be accessed from the Windows 7 Control Panel. Set to Never Notify and reboot the computer PRIOR to the EnergyCAP installation. You can then install the EnergyCAP software and turn UAC back on after the install if you would like.

ISSUE 2: Reboot following SQL Express install:
NOTE: If the UAC is turned off, you should not run into this issue*.

When EnergyCAP software is installed on any PC or Operating System, the installation includes a PC reboot after the SQL Express engine is installed.  Unlike XP, which reboots and continues forward with the installation automatically, Vista and Windows 7 reboots but displays the normal desktop as if installation is complete.  IT IS NOT.
After the installation reboot, it is necessary for the user to click Start/All Programs/Startup. There will be an EnergyCAP icon in the Startup program list. After the computer reboot, click the EnergyCAP icon from the Startup list to initiate the remaining portions of the EnergyCAP installation.

Issue 3: Initial EnergyCAP Login--Run as Administrator

Once the installation is complete and you are ready to login to EnergyCAP for the first time as SYS by right mouse click on the EnergyCAP icon and select the Run as Administrator option.  This will help ensure that the program .dll library files are registered correctly and that the User Number and Validation code are set in the registry.  After you have opened EnergyCAP using SYS and are successful with entering the User number and Validation code, you can close EnergyCAP. Now you can re-launch it the same way, right mouse click and Run as Administrator and use your login.  Once EnergyCAP opens and if you do not see your data.  You can select File > Open Database and select your database name in the drop box.  Once the it disappears, you will now be in your database.



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