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ECPro: I am getting an error message when I first login after upgrade (SA Login Failed)
Posted by Joel Brickell, Last modified by Joel Brickell on 03 July 2012 11:34 AM

ECPRO:  I am getting an error message when I first login after upgrade (SA Login Failed)

Issue: After upgrading my EnergyCAP Professional Software to Professional 09 SP1, I am getting an error message of 'SA' Login Failed and a second error message of "No Valid logins found in database(s)".

Solution:  This problem has occured when upgrading from Pro 2006 to Pro 2009 SP1 or installing on Windows 7 with the UAC (User Account Control) turned on.  The fix is to install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.  In the Server Tree (Left hand side), go to the Security>Logins and right mouse click on 'sa', choose Properties.  Remove the password for 'sa', leaving it blank.  Uncheck mark "Enforce password policy" and click OK.  Click OK on the message about not having a password in for this account. Next go to the Properties of ecsysadmin and ecuser.  In each of their properties you will need to change the passwords to the ones below and uncheck marking the "Enforce password policy" for each.  Once this is done, you can close Management Studio and try now to enter EnergyCAP Professional.

ecsysadmin: $H3ph3rd

ecuser: St3w@rd


**WARINING:  If you are not comfortable in performing these tasks,  Please notify EnergyCAP Technical Support by click on on the link below and entering a ticket.**

Technical Support Link

Created by: Joel Brickell  Date: 11/06/2009  Last Updated: 07/02/2012  For EnergyCAP Professional 


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