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EnergyCAP support has a new look!
Posted by Becky Gruber on 16 February 2022 04:46 PM

EnergyCAP support has a new look and new location! The next time you have an application or Bill CAPture support request, check out and submit through our new, simplified forms! Our new system leverages email-based correspondence, which allows us to now include the original submission and all replies in our responses.

In the coming weeks, we will be finalizing this transition and updating the link within the application to direct to the new forms.

In the meantime, support staff will transition any tickets entered to to the new system.

To ensure you receive correspondence from the new system, make sure to add, and to your email address book.

** Only applicable to "Support - USA" and "Bill CAPture" - additional information to come for "Support - Canada" tickets.

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EnergyCAP Response to Zero Day Vulnerability for Apache Log4j
Posted by Joel Brickell on 15 December 2021 11:48 AM

Dear Friends,

On December 9, 2021, Apache published a zero-day vulnerability for Apache Log4j (CVE-2021-44228). This vulnerability, known as ‘Log4Shell’, was classified as a critical vulnerability with a CVSS score of 10 out of 10. When exploited, an attacker could gain control of compromised systems using Remote Code Execution.


EnergyCAP is committed to providing secure software and services to meet the needs of our customers. After an internal investigation by the EnergyCAP security team, we have determined that the EnergyCAP application and its dependencies are not vulnerable to CVE-2021-44228. This includes hosted solutions as well as on-premise installations of EnergyCAP. Additionally, we have verified that our next-generation firewalls and endpoint protection have been updated to ensure the detection of CVE-2021-44228 on our networks. 


Our security team will continue to monitor and assess future vulnerabilities and variants and will provide updates as necessary.  


Questions can be directed to Adam Hegedus, Chief Security Officer at EnergyCAP.


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EnergyCAP Quick Tips - Bill View Pop-out
Posted by Joel Brickell on 12 October 2021 07:42 AM

Bill View Pop-Out

Want to compare multiple bills for a utility account? Use the bill pop-out feature. You can also click a month in the Account History tab for a new pop-out.

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EnergyCAP Quick Tips - Question Mark to Display Help
Posted by Joel Brickell on 04 August 2021 07:44 AM

Question Mark to Display Help

The question mark signifies that help content is on-screen help is available. Click the icon to access help content for that specific functional area of the application.




Question Mark

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IMPORTANT - Scheduled Disaster Recovery Testing
Posted by Becky Gruber on 14 July 2021 01:23 PM

Date/Time: 07-31-2021 12:01 AM ET – 08-01-2021 8:00 PM ET


Details: Starting Saturday, July 31, we will be performing a scheduled test of our disaster recovery system. The test will run through Sunday, August 1st, and will include transferring critical services and applications to our secondary data center (Pittsburgh/State College). 


How does this affect me? Users may experience intermittent issues logging into the application and other EnergyCAP services. All EnergyCAP-hosted client automation jobs will be paused during this time. All automated jobs and access to the application and services will be restored by Monday, August 2nd.

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How Bill CAPture is handling Due Dates
Posted by Ryan Ohlson on 09 July 2021 03:29 PM

We have recently fielded a few questions and issues pertaining to invoices that do not have a clear Due Date.  In many instances, the Due Date is explained as a description rather than numerically.  A few examples are listed below.

  • "Payment due 30 days after the statement date"
  • "Payment due on last day of the month"
  • "Net 30"

Cases such as these can result in an incorrect Due Date on the processed bill in EnergyCAP.  The root of the data error comes when humans are required to interpret the terms and then enter the Due Date value in numerical terms.  In order to provide a more consistent and accurate Due Date value for our clients, moving forward we will be handling these scenarios in a different manner.  When the Due Date is not expressed numerically with a specific day, month, and year, we will use the Statement Date as the Due Date.  In the event there is not a Statement Date on the bill, we will use the service End Date.  

Because of the inconsistent nature that Due Date has been handled in the past, some clients may continue to experience some inconsistencies until these processing guidelines are fully implemented.  This news article is meant to provide context for the change in our processing behavior and to explain what the logic will be moving forward.  If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please submit a Bill CAPture support ticket.

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EnergyCAP 7.13 Release (ENC-Hosted)
Posted by Becky Gruber on 25 May 2021 04:57 PM

This release includes new features and enhancements to EnergyCAP’s auditing capabilities including intelligent bill outlier identification and updated bill lists.

Outlier Audits

Outlier audits use the same logic as Report 13 and help you identify abnormal bills using your bill history and past/current weather data. Outlier audits will automatically flag your bills for review based on the sensitivity level you choose.


Audit Enhancements

You can automatically assign flagged bills to one or more EnergyCAP users for review. EnergyCAP users can select the filter Assigned to Me when creating dashboard content to review their assigned bills.


Ignore bills based on cost. Each bill audit type has a setting for minimum cost to automatically skip bills with a low total cost.


Issue type has been added to track the specific bill audits that caused your bills to be flagged. Whether your bill fails one or many audits, you can see bills that have been flagged based on a specific type of audit exception.


Disable bill audits for specific accounts. You can limit false positives by turning off all bill audits for specific accounts.


 Updated Bill Lists

-Quick Filters
 help you find the bills you’re looking for across all bill lists. One quick filter is dedicated to flagged bills. If a quick filter is set it also shows in the main filter list.

-Billing Period is now the primary column in a bill list and is also a hyperlink to view the bill.

-Updated column selector makes setting up your bill list easier.

-Updated legend and sort order are provided at the bottom of the screen.

-A new Actions menu lets you edit, share, copy, and download a bill list.


Enter a Bill in More Places

- With the Create button.
- From a bill list in the Bills module.
- With the Actions menu on any meter or account tab.


Download all your Bill Lists

You’ve always been able to download a bill list in the Bills module. Now you can download a meter bill list or account bill list.


Updated Bill Import

After you import your bills, the bill is saved, analyzed and then flags are assigned. A new icon shows when a bill is being analyzed. release7.13-icon

Updates to Chargeback Bill Calculations

We’ve made two updates to better handle monthly use and demand readings. Previously the bill begin and end dates were based on the date of monthly readings and did not use the timestamp of the reading to adjust dates. We are now incorporating the timestamp of the reading into the chargeback process.

Monthly Use

If the use reading has a timestamp up to and including noon, the reading date will also be the end date of the bill. If the reading is after noon, the bill end date will be one day after the reading date. The same logic is also applied to determine the start date of the bill.

This update in chargeback processing from version 7.12 to 7.13 may cause a one-time, one-day gap between your prior monthly chargeback bills and your first bill calculated with the updated logic. This is a one-time occurrence due to the more advanced timestamp logic.

Monthly Demand

Monthly demand readings will also begin honoring the timestamp of the reading during chargeback calculations. Demand readings included in demand calculations will include all readings starting after noon on the day before the start date of the bill and ending at noon on the end date of the bill (previously, demand readings from the beginning of the start date of the bill to midnight of the end date of the bill were included in demand calculations). The maximum demand value will be used for the bill’s demand

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EnergyCAP Quick Tips - Benchmarking Charts
Posted by Joel Brickell on 25 May 2021 12:47 PM

Benchmarking Charts—More Than Just Bars

Go beyond bar charts when benchmarking peer buildings and meters. EnergyCAP also provides an informative scatterplot and a Savings Opportunity chart to help you identify your biggest savings opportunities.



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New On-premises Release Available: EnergyCAP Version 7.12
Posted by Becky Gruber on 12 April 2021 08:17 AM

A new on-premises version of EnergyCAP Version 7 is now available. Please open a support ticket using the button below to receive the installation package for EnergyCAP Version 7.12

This semi-annual update includes a variety of new features and updates including:

  • Email report subscriptions. Configure reports to be sent to your email address every day, week, month, or quarter
  • Reports improvements. Enhanced options for finding and running reports
  • Last account and serial number. Save prior account and serial numbers to more easily find your data
  • Improved search. Expanded search results, more details provided, and previously searched-for items are remembered
  • Bulk bill header editing. Update bill header details for multiple bills at the same time (e.g., billing period, accounting period, control code)
  • Enhanced interval data channels. Save changes to your interval data settings over time and track custom fields on each channel
  • Improved meter swap-out process. A new step-by-step process is available to manage submeter swap-outs and accurately calculate chargeback bills before and after the change
  • Bill reversals. Easily generate equal but opposite bills to cancel original bills
  • Generate accrual bills. EnergyCAP’s accruals engine generates intelligent bill accruals based on historic performance and weather data
  • Expanded capabilities for international clients. Additional address, country, and location options are now available
  • New and updated setup spreadsheets. Continued improvements to bulk data creation/editing

A full list of updates is available with EnergyCAP’s Release Notes.

Technical release details:

  • Upgrading to Version 7.12 requires your database to be upgraded to database version 108 (upgrade scripts available in the installation package).
  • EnergyCAP Version 3 is no longer supported. The Version 7.12 upgrade process will ensure that all required application upgrades from Version 3 are applied to your database
  • This is the last on-premises release of EnergyCAP that supports Microsoft SQL Server 2016. Future releases will require SQL Server 2019 or higher. 

Please submit a ticket to EnergyCAP Support to request the latest installation package for EnergyCAP Version 7.

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EnergyCAP Quick Tips: Actual, Calendarized, Normalized Data
Posted by Becky Gruber on 29 March 2021 01:05 PM

Actual, Calendarized, Normalized Data

EnergyCAP automatically calculates and presents your use and cost data in Actual, Calendarized, and Normalized formats for quick visual analysis.


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