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EnergyCAP Online 3.5.1 Now Available for Self-Hosted Clients
Posted by Joel Brickell on 24 October 2016 08:21 AM

EnergyCAP 3.5.1 is now available for self-hosted users!

You can download the installation files and read about the enhancements on our new releases webpage.

We hope you enjoy these improvements. You may be the only individual from your organization to receive this message, so please notify all other EnergyCAP users.

Bill Import Improvements

After more than a decade, millions of utility invoices have been imported into EnergyCAP. With more and more complex client scenarios, some enhancements have been necessary to provide better control over how imported bills are created in the system. ALL existing bill import files and profiles will continue to work without modification. However, the enhancements listed below can be utilized moving forward. They may help you to resolve a specific import problem:

  • Consider Account Service Dates: We now consider the service Begin Date and End Date of the account for all bills being imported.
  • Honor Account Alerts for imported bills: If a bill is being imported to an account that has an active alert, a Bill Message will be added to the bill.
  • New Void/Preserve/Replace (V/P/R) Column: Much like the Actual/Correction/Estimated (A/C/E) column in all bill import files, this new flag works in conjunction with "A/C/E" to allow users to better control what happens with the bill being imported.
  • Adjust Bill Start Date for Imported Bills: For any bills that are being imported, if the begin date is one day after the end date of the previous bill, EnergyCAP will modify the start date to match that previous bill end date and make a note on the bill.
  • Definable Billing Period Logic: The Billing Period column can now be used to instruct EnergyCAP how to use the bill dates to determine which billing period a bill falls into. Nothing (null) or “!AUTO!” for this column uses the existing logic.
    • !START! assigns the billing period based on the month of the start date of the bill.
    • !MIDDLE! assigns the billing period based on the exact middle of the billing period without any of the logic that might ordinarily applied.
    • !END! assigns the billing period based on the month of the end date of the bill.


To learn more about bill import in EnergyCAP read the Help documentation.

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